IDE Enhancement In QTP 10.0

IDE Enhancement

9. Ability to open multiple scripts at one time.

10. Project explorer with capability to create folder and organize resource inside them (library files, ORs, recovery scenarios) in them.

11. Improved Intellisense for objects created through DotNetFactory.

12. Intellisense for VBScript classes.

13. Function folding and code folding in the IDE.

14. Transition from Design mode to Run mode causes too many flickers in the IDE UI. This needs to be smooth.

15. Ability to view code for Test flow in Expert view. This is currently only possible through Keyword view.

16. Design time non-syntax error check for issues like Duplicate variable declaration etc.

17. Intellisense of current associated libraries in all Libraries. Currently if Lib1 and Lib2 are associated with a Test. The Lib1 will only show Intellisense for Lib1 and not for Lib2. The Test will show Intellisense for both Lib1 and Lib2. This creates difficulty when Lib2 functions need to be called in Lib1.

18. Custom Intellisense for parameters. E.g. if a framework creates GetObject method and that takes in keyword which is loaded from a external excel/XML file then to be able to provide Intellisense with those keyword.

19. Script workflow diagram, something similar to keyword view but not at statement level but at function and action in flows.

20. Ability to search called Actions in current script and go to the same. Current UI is very unfriendly in case too many actions are called in the script.

21. Ability to specify default run results directory and avoid the dialog for run results location for every run. This gets very annoying when debugging the script.

22. Input Parameters tab in Run dialog should remember the history of values used last time. Currently if Test/Component parameters are used and for debugging the same parameters value are updated before start the run, these values are lost next time run is initiated. This causes a lot of value update every time the script needs to be run for debugging.

23. Ability to pause recording, currently when recording starts it can only be stopped. Having a feature to pause recording would help a lot.

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