Object Repository In QTP 10.0

Object Repository Enhancements :

24. Ability to create and load OR’s from QTP script itself.

25. Ability to load Shared ORs dynamically to all the Actions. Currently RepositoriesCollection.Add methods adds the SOR to the current Action only and not other actions.

26. Changes made through SetTOProperty in one Action does not get propagated to Next Action.

27. Ability to enumerate all child objects present in the OR for a specified object.

28. Ability to specify nickname for Objects. This would help get a complete object hierarchy through just the nick name.

29. Ability to directly record objects into the SOR

Object Repository Manager Enhancements :

30. Ability to load and save directly to OR in XML format.

31. Ability for multiple users to access the Shared OR at the same time for updating.

32. Export/Import of Checkpoints from one SOR to another.

33. Merging of SOR’s to an existing SOR. Currently when two SOR are merged, the merged SOR needs to be saved as a different file.

34. Ability to update code when conflict resolution renames object during SOR merge. In case object A and B are merged and name A is chosen over B, all scripts using name B needs to be updated manually.

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