CSTE Certification Questions 15

CSTE Certficiation question dumps on Software testing continued.

72. Which of the following statement is correct?
  1. The control environment is established by the highest levels of management and works upward through the organization
  2. The control environment is established by the middle managentss and work downward through the organization
  3. The control environment is established by the highest levels of management and works downward through the organization
  4. The control environment is established by the tester and works downward through the organization
73. The primary goal of defect management is 
  1. to minimize the impact of defects
  2. to prevent defects
  3. to find defect as quickly as possible
  4. All the listed options
73. Which among the following is the quantitative measure of the current level of performance
  1. Affinity diagram             
  2. Pareto analysis
  3. Benchmarking               
  4. Baseline
74.Regression test level best suites for which type of transaction? 
  1. Multiple transaction single terminal
  2. Single transaction multiple terminal
  3. Single transaction single terminal
  4. Multiple transaction multiple terminal
75. During software acceptance, the testing technique that is relied upon for more accurate results(than any other testing technique listed below is______________
  1. Black box                  
  2. White box
  3. Incremental                          
  4. Thread
76. Testing for the existence or effectiveness of programmed controls required using __________________
  1. Complex data                  
  2. Invalid data
  3. Redundant data                
  4. Valid data
77. Which of the following factor assures that data is processed in accordance with the intents of management for processing of transactions?
  1. Service Levels                
  2. Authorization
  3. Maintainability            
  4. Access control
 78. The objective in Test design is to ______________
  1. Minimize test execution cost
  2. defect as many defects as possible
  3. minimize test maintenance costs
  4. all the listed options
 79. Severity is one which determines the order in which defects should be fixed (T/F).   

 80. Steps involved in defect discovery are _____________,______________and _____________
  1. Acknowledge, Find , Report
  2. Find, Report, Acknowledge
  3. Find, Acknowledge, Report
 81. Tools for documenting defects as they are found and for tracking their status is         
  1. Defect tracking tools   
  2. Status Report
  3. Test log                
82. The best reason for using independent software testing teams is that_______     
  1. quality of software is given as much consideration as the project budget and  timeline
  2. software developers do not need to do any testing
  3. testers do not get involved with the project until testing begins
  4. stranger will test the software mercilessly
83. Which among process of analyzing and correcting syntactic, logic and other errors identified during testing?  
  1. Dynamic Analysis           
  2. Desk Checking
  3. Debugging              
  4. Error guessing
 84. Which of the following statement is correct about monitoring performance?
  1. The risks to be organization and its products from using the process should be  monitored
  2. All the listed options
  3. Management should review the process improvement program regularly
  4. Careful analysis of results of testing should be performed.
  1.  85. Following are the key indicators to develop testers dashboards EXCEPT
  1. Schedule status                       
  2. Severity of recorded defect
  3. Count of defects          
  4. Budget status
86. Testing on, above and below the edges of classes is called _______________
  1. Test contributions                       
  2. Cause effect diagram
  3. Equilance Class partitioning          
  4. Boundary value analysis
 87.Which among the following are the major concerns testers have on entering the test execution? 
  1. Inadequate time or resources
  2. All the listed options
  3. Significant problem will not be uncovered during testing
  4. Software not in testable mode

88. Which among the following are the techniques to prevent defects?
  1. Training and eduction and methodology and standards QA,Training and eduction, defensive design and code and finally methodology and standards
  2. QA &QC
  3. QA, Training and education, QC and methodology & standards
  4. QA,QC, defensive design and code and finally methodology and standards
89. Which among the following is the best strategy to reduce impact if there is a problem? 
  1. Reduce scope of the system and also do not use latest unproven technology
  2. Contingency plans
  3. All the listed options
  4. Disaster recovery plan, contingency plans
90. Test activities are recorded on a _____________
  1. Test log                              
  2. Test plan
  3. Defect tracking sheet
  4. All the listed option
 91. Which one of the following statements is correct?
  1. Policies help in defining products
  2. Policies are set by senior management
  3. Policies are set by Test managers
  4. Policies are guidelines
 92. A testing method in which the test data are derived solely from the program structure is ____________
  1. Structural testing           
  2. Glass box testing
  3. White box testing            
  4. All the listed options
 93. Defects are measure in relation to ____________________
  1. projects efforts          
  2. total number of defects
  3. development team size    
  4. lines of code
 94. The tool used to verify the operational system results are in compliance with organizations policies and procedures is called _________
  1. Checklists and inspections         
  2. confirmation or examination
  3. Fact fining                      
  4. Tracing
95. To define test objectives testers need to do the following EXCEPT
  1. Data bridges and filters
  2. Validation process for incoming external data
  3. Define each objective so that you can reference it by a number
  4. Development of a model showing the internal and external dependency links among core business areas, processes and information systems
96. The tool used to examine the usability of test data for maintenance is called _____________
  1. Completion based analysis and mapping           
  2. Test data
  3. Peer review                       
  4. Inspections
 97. Decision to stop test execution should be based upon ________________
  1. All the listed options
  2. a % of coverage for each coverage category
  3. rate of error detection falls below a specified threshold
  4. successful use of specific test case design methodologies.
 98. Which of the following is not a perspective of quality
  1. Translucent                               
  2. User Based
  3. Transcedent                  
  4. Product Based
 99. Temptations causes employees to engage in the following improper acts EXCEPT
  1. Weak internal audit function                     
  2. High decentralization
  3.  Non existent or ineffective control
  4. High Centralization
 100. Following are guidelines adhered to tool usage to be more effective and efficient EXCEPT
1.       The use of test tools should be incorporated into test processes so that the use of tools is mandatory, not optional
2.        Tester should work together to build open source testing tools
3.        Testers should have access to an individual in their organization , or the organization that developed the tool.
4.        Testers should not be permitted to use tools for which they have not received formal training.

101. The table of contents of a test plan might contain the following EXCEPT
  1. Test objective   
  2.   Test Scope
  3.  Assumptions   
  4.  Test matrix
102. Which among the following is not a defect?
  1. An extra function provided in the system
  2.  None of the listed options
  3.  A Requirement not implemented in the system
  4.  A Requirement implemented incorrectly
103. The concept of defensive code involves
1.       adding a syntax checker in middle of code
2.        None of the listed options
3.        adding code to a program so that two parts of program must fail before a major problem occurs
4.        adding throw() and catch()

104. Integration testing should begin once unit testing for the components to be integrated is complete (T/F) 

105. Which of the following is an  informal analysis of the program source code yielding computer software ready for testing?
  1. Code walkthrough        
  2.  Code verification
  3.  Code inspection                                  
  4. Functional Review  
106. Which of the following strategic issues needs to be addressed in successful software testing process?
1.       Specify requirements in a quantifiable manner
2.        All the listed options
3.        Conduct formal technical review prior to testing
4.        Consider using independent test terms

 107. Which among the following is NOT a characteristic of good test case?
  1. Clear to execute
  2. It should be repeatable
  3. It is not traceable to the requirements
  4. A good test case should be repeatable but not traceable to the requirements. 
109 .Correct definition of vulnerability? 
1. vulnerability is the potential loss to an organization as for example, the risk resulting from the    misuse of its computer. this may involve unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized modification and/or loss of information resources, as well as the authorized but incorrect use of a computer. risk can be measured by performing risk analysis.
2.Vulnerability is something capable of exploiting vulnerability in the security of a computer system or application vulnerability include both hazards and events that can trigger flaws.
3. vulnerability is a design, implementation, or operations flaw that may be exploited by a threat, the flaws causes the computer system  or application to operate in a fashion different from its published specifications and to result in destruction or misuse of equipment or data.

109. yellow circle report signifies
1.       serious problems
2.       does not mean anything looks nice
3.       no major problem
4.       potential serious deviations

110. walter she wahart is know for his work on
  1. control chart  
  2. histogram
  3. Scatter plot diagrams                      
  4. run chart
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