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This blog contains all my hardwork in the coding world to manoeuvre many project related issues into a successfull completion. I have my codes on, C# programming, lot of sql programming, automation testing experience, qtp descriptive programming, qtp vbscript related know-hows, vsts programming related to automation testing, coded ui testing the newly brought into existence automation tool to perform functional automation and a lot more stuffs on automation testing. I think this blog can effectively help those having a lookaround on excel vba macro hardcore programming for automating some serious database related testing that might bring down a resource count to one third of the same required with manual query execution and validating the various scenarios.
Being a hardcore technical guy I donot have much of an exposure on manual testing, but resources related to the same have as well been taken into consideration and put therein.

While you scroll across the various contents on software testing both manual and automation, by and large we can conclude to find loads of articles on the following classified category. However I would like to have inputs from all / any of you on what else could really ease out our day to day Testing activities in the IT industry.

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  • VBA Excel Macro Programming 

How to go about learning QTP and attaining a dgeree of competency to become an expert in the same. Below mentioned are the topics which when underwent with careful understanding can enable one to convert a dream to reality in the QTP world.

  •             Introduction To Automation. To Automate, or not to Automate Fundamentals of QuickTest Professional (QTP) Add-ins in QTP Various Licenses Used In QTP What do we mean by Objects? How does QTP identify objects? Mandatory and Assistive Properties Ordinal Identifiers Concepts of Object Repository Local vs Shared Object Repository Check Points and what are those Types of checkpoints
  •              Using Regular Expressions in checkpoints Object Spy GetTOProperty vs GetROProperty Writing Custom Checkpoints Reporting a step with reporter events. Custom Checkpoints - Examples What are actions? Types of Actions Ways To Call Actions Action Library and Driver Script Parameters. Types of Parameters Environment Variables Using Global and Action data sheets.
  •                Debugging QTP Scripts Breakpoints and Step Method Smart Identification Base Filter and Optional Filter Properties Analyzing Test Results Should you use Smart Identification? Automation Frameworks Data Driven, Keyword Driven and Hybrid Frameworks Introduction to VBScript. DataTypes, Variables, Constants Conditional Statements, Looping Statements User defined and Built-In functions in QTP Coding Standards
  •                 Analyzing Options under Tools Menu Performance Optimization with WITH Statements Run Modes in QTP Integrating QTP with Quality Center Low Level Recording/Analog Recording/Virtual Objects Introducing the third ordinal identifier Adding Synchronization Points Adding Transactions Descriptive Programming Create recovery scenarios Associate a recovery scenario with a test

Manual Testing :
It has always been looked with lots of inequality though its been referred as Quality job. The reason behind it being the job related quality though product related quality is something that is of paramount importance when compared to the job quality. However it is the process that has more of relevance in the Software engineering world. Still, I have managed to put up some of the manual testing related blog posts over here which would greatly help with the necessary know how in the Quality Assurance arena.

Stuffs on manual testing basic concepts, the process associated with any testing activity and the way we track the raised issues to closure. All of these stuffs have been kept collected under the Manual testing tab. Loads of database testing stuff have also been kept in this very category with some of the most qualitative SQl queries been placed under several articles posted herein. These articles will definitely be more than just useful in a common database tester's jobs. You can also amble across with so many articles associated with the certifications available in the Manual Testing field.Several posts on CSTE certifications are posted.

Java :
Java programming has a great market relevance . You can find loads of articles on Java programming. Several posts on database related programming are available and also basic concepts in java programming are also posted.

This is a blog that has loads of posts on healthy habits. The software engineers do have the problems related to health and the habits in our day to day life.

For gaining knowledge on Automation Testing using various tools such as QTP VSTS :

Automation Testing On Share Using QTP VSTS