CSTE Certification Questions 8

CSTE Certficiation question dumps on Software testing continued.

271. Most important requirement for successful implementation of quality management is:

a)    Employee Awareness and Commitment,
b)   Succesful Deployment of Qulaity Function,
c)    Management Commitment,
d)    Commitments from people involved in Quality Group

271. Slowest group and weakest link in most quality management efforts in an organization is:

a)    Executive Management
b)   Middle Management
c)    Line Management
d)    Other Employees

271. The management effort to create a new culture, which encourages and accepts changes and allows all people to work together to maximize their contributions to quality management is a

a)    Mission
a)    Vision
b)    Goal
c)    Policy
d)    Objective

272 What is the number one skill for a QA Analyst

a)   Verbal Communication
b)    Written Communication
c)    Listening
d)    Leadership

273  Each Key Process Area is organized in to 5 sections called .............. .And they are ........  ,........... ,........, ........., ..........

(27) Common Features. Figure 3-2 in pg 3-7

commitment to perform, ability to perform, activities performed, directing implementation, verifying implementation.

274. What is NIST?

National Institute of Science and Technology
National Institute of Standards and Technology.
National Institute for Software Technology
National Institute for Software and Technology

275. The ISO 9000:1994 family of Standards contained...... (number)standards and documents.

276. Which are the four primary standards of IS0 9000?

ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9004, ISO 10010
ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9006, ISO 10011

ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9004, ISO 10011

ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9004, ISO 10054

277. What are the 4 views of Software Development?

Requirements View, Design View, Coding View, Testing View
Manager View, Developer View, SQA View, Customer View
Contract View, Operating View, Engineering View, Supporting View
All of the above
None of the above

278. List out the six phases that are involved in a SDLC?
          A) Initiation - Phase I
          B) Definition - Phase II
          C) System Design - Phase III
          D) Programming and training - Phase IV
          E) Evaluation and Acceptance - Phase V
          F) Installation and Operation - Phase VI

279. Producer Views Quality is meeting --------------------------------------.

A) Whether the Product or Service Does What the Customer Needs
B) Product Has Zero Defects

C) Producer's Requirements or Specifications

D) Conformance to Requirements

280. As a Quality Assurance professional, you will be doing

a)    Reviews, Walk-throughs , and inspections
b)    Unit Testing
c)    Statistical Process Control

d)   Identify the weak areas in a SDLC, take corrective action, so as to ensure it does not occur again

281. "Benchmarking" is

a) A measure of the current position of your project/product
b) Measure of the present position of your project/product compared to a previous state
c) A measure of the present position of your project/product compared against a future (estimated) state
d) A measure of your product compared to an existing industry standard.

282. The Management Cycle, As Per The   --------------------------, comprises Of Plan, Do, Check And Act.

A) QAI's Quality Improvement Model
B) ISO 9000
C) SEI Model

283. Which, of the four given below, is not one of Dr. Edward Deming's 14 Quality Principles?

  1. Give adequate training
  2. Have a number of numerical goals set
  3. Work as one team. (Sink differences)
  4. Senior Management must push all other points constantly and consistently

284. Cost of Quality (COQ) includes

b) Preventive, detective & control
a) Preventive, appraisal & failure
c) Preventive, Corrective & Control

285. Quality without timeliness and cost consideration is
           1. Meaningless
          2. Beneficial
          3. One of product deficiencies
          4. Cheaper

286. Quality is ----------------'s responsibility.

  1. Nobody
  2. Everybody
  3. Somebody
  4. Customer

287. AQL means –

    a) Allowable Quality Level
    b) Allocated Quality Level
    c) Acceptable Quality Level
    d) Allowed Quality Level

288. The  concept  that  is  an  integral  part  of  information technology function is –

     a) Meeting the requirements
     b) Producing a quality product
     c) Customer's view  of  quality  is  the  correct  view quality.

289. Six sigma quality is -
     a) 1.2 Defects per million lines of code
     b) 3.4 Defects per million lines of code
     c) 6.1 Defects per million lines of code

290. Middle Level Management is ___________ and ____________
      a. Visionary and tactical
      b. Visionary and directional
      c. Directional and tactical

291. Quality assurance is a ____________ function.

a)    line
b)   staff
c)    line & staff

292. Manufacturing Companies include
      a) Agriculture
      b) Mining
      c) Construction
      d)All the above

293. The total maximum points for MBNQA criteria is

       a)  100 points
       b)  500 points
       c) 1000 points
       d) 10000 points

 294.  Leadership category in MBNQA includes

      a) Leadership system
      b) Societal Responsibilities
      c) Community Involvement
      d) a,b & c
      e) a & b only.

295.  Organization at initial level can improve their performance by instituting

     a) Project Management
     b) Management Oversight
     c) Quality Assurance
     d) Change Control
     e) All the above
     f) Only a,b, & d

296. The number and types of measures for quality results depend upon factors such as

  a   the company's size
  b   types of products and services
  c   competitive environment
  d   all the above

297. The tactics which should be incorporated while giving constructive criticism are

      A) Do it privately
      B) Have the facts
      C) Be prepared to help the worker to improve his/her performance
      D) Be specific on expectation
      E) Follow a specific process in giving criticism
      F) A B C & E
      G) All the above
 298. People don't listen because they are

       A) very impatient
       B) too busy rehearsing what they will say next
       C) self conscious
       D) external stimuli
       E) lack of motivation
       F) all the above

299. The ability  to  apply  beliefs,  standards,  guidelines, policies,  procedures  and  values  to  a  decision  in a specific set of circumstances is known as

      A)  Motivation  b)  Recognition  c)  Judgment  d)   Time

300. The complaint resolution processes are

  1. get on your customers wave length
  2. get the facts
  3. establish and initiate an action program
  4. Follow up with your customer
  5. all the above

301. JIT was developed by 

        a) Dr. W. Edward deming
        b) Dr. Leonard Zunin
        c) Taiicho Ohno
        d) Malcom Baldrige                        

302. Pareto concept was developed by –

  1. Taiichi ohno
  2. Edward Deming
  3. Malcolm Baldrige

d.    Joseph Juran

  1. Pareto            

 303. What are the intrepretations of 80 - 20 rule/pareto analysis?

      a. 20% Of organisation's customers account for 80% of its revenue.
      b. 20% Of organisation's products produce 80% of profits.
      c. 3.80% of customers' complaints by volume are 20% of problems by categories.

 304. What are the types of functions in FP?

         A)External input type
         B)external output type
         C)logical internal file type
         D)external interface file type
         E)external inquiry type

305. What are the ways in which QA analyst can estimate frequency/severity of events?
          1.Judgemental sampling.  2. Statistical sampling.

306. Passwords should be changed

a.    on regular basis

  1. When you forget the password
  2. when you leave the workplace

d.    all of the above

e.    none of the above

307. Which of the following techniques is most effective in encouraging
participation of attendees in a meeting:

  1. Role playing & requesting solutions
  2. having the moderator to play the devil's role
  3. requiring participation

308. Methods used to determine whether or not the process  is  under  control
and is helpful in identifying root  cause  of  process  problems  which  are
causing defects

  1. Prioritisation matrix
  2. statistical process control
  3. pareto chart
  4. control charts

309. The concept that is an  integral part of  information technology function is –

a)    Meeting the requirements
b)    Producing a quality product
c)   Customer's view of quality is the correct view quality.

310. The Juran Trilogy refers to:

a)    Quality Management, Quality Coordination, Continuous improvement
b)   Quality planning, Quality Control, Quality improvement
c)    Qualitative Management, Quantitative Management, Continuous improvement
d)    Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Audits

311. MBNQA Award criteria does not include

      a) Leadership
      b) Technology
      c) Human Resources
      d) Process Management
312. The three evaluation dimensions of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award are

a)    Leadership, Strategic Planning, Business Results
b)   Approach, Deployment, Results
c)    Strategic Planning, Process Management, Business Results
d)    Planning, Implementation, Feedback

313. Developing  and  asking  questions  for  the  purpose  of collecting oral  data  to  be  used  in  an  analysis  or  evaluation is called as

a)    Negotiation
b)    Facilitation
c)   Interviewing
d)    Effective listening

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