1. What is An Automation testing Test Frame Work?
Automation framework is nothing but the procedure and
overall structure u followed for using automation tools. U
say next time we folloewed and Hybrid automation frame work
Where we need to
·    split the functionality into simple reusable tests
·    All reusable functions r stored in Libraries folder
·    some test scripts r together forms a test suite so
·    preparing test suites
·    The required test data is saved in one Data Folder
·    for data driven test
·    Data driver engine wiil get this data and passes to
·    the Test and whenever it is needed it calls required
·    functions from library and continues the test
·    Where the result has been stored The result
·    directory.
·    What r the naming conventions used for test
·    scripts,variables, constants, how will u conduct validation
·    without using check points.

This overall strategy is called test frame. There is no hard and fast rule to use a specific Automation 
frame work. It all depends on your project needs, here are 
some info on the same.
Data Driven approach is suitable for applications that have 
limited functionality but large number of variations in 
terms of test data.
Functional Framework is suitable for applications that have 
variety of functionality but limited variations in terms of 
test data.
Hybrid Test Automation Framework is suitable for 
applications that have variety of functionality and larger 
number of variations in terms of test data.
Record, enhance and play back methodology is suitable to 
convert small to medium size manual scripts into equivalent 
automation scripts - one to one basis.

Test automation framework is a set of assumptions concepts and practices that provide support for automating your scripts. Hybrid Test Automation Framework incorporates features of Script modularity Functional Decomposition and Data Driven framework. In brief framework consists of Unit scripts Suite scripts Driver Scripts Function Library Object Repository Test data Test Result.
Hybrid framework is the combination of both keyboard driven and data driven
frameworks. About Implementation of the same at the time of creating of frame
work need to take care of all test objects those are not going to be changed in
application should be hardcoded and most frequently changing objects should be
taken from the data sheet.
Hybrid framwork need not to be with only Keyword driven and datadriven it can be with Library FW Modular FW DataDrive FW Keyword driven FW.

If our framework consist of 2 or more than 2 framework's then it is termed as a Hydrid framework
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