Object Spy Enhancement In QTP 10.0

Object Spy Enhancements :

1. Object spy to have an option to export all the objects in hierarchy with their properties and methods to a XLS/XML file. And also to have an option to reload this offline. This feature would help for others to analyze a object recognition remotely.

2. Object spy to have the ability to run without QTP. Currently object spy can only be loaded through QTP.

3. Object spy to have an option to disable the Auto spy. Currently hovering on any object displays it properties without the need to click the object. This at time gives poor performance while spying objects.

4. Currently Object Spy button gets disabled when the script is run, one has to launch object repository and then launch Object Spy from there. The Object Spy should enable directly when the script is run.

5. Object Spy Automation capability, so other tools can leverage the same and automate the OR creation based on custom rules.

6. Object spy to have capability to spy on dynamically created objects. E.g. – The search suggestion box on Google.

7. Object Spy to have facility to compare two different objects and show the differences.

8. Object Spy to support XPaths for identifying objects.

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