CSTE Certification Questions 11

CSTE Certficiation question dumps on Software testing continued.

34.   _________ is used to verify processing of a single transaction can be reconstructed and examine review trail to verify the appropriate information.
            a. Correctness
            b. Audit trail
            c. Review trail
            d. Authorization

35.   Check for defects in process for the primary aim of correcting or establishing new process. This is
    a. Quality Control
            b. Quality Assurance
            c. Both Quality Control and Quality Assurance
            d. None of the listed options

36.   The following should be used to estimate ALE EXCEPT:
    a. Calculate an ALE using the loss and frequency tables
            b. Understanding of information services concepts and systems design
            c. Make a preliminary assessment of the loss
            d. Document the decision reached

37.  Techniques for Reporting a defect may include _______________.
    a. Computer forums, Electronic mails, help desk
            b. Static
            c. All of the listed options
            d. Operational

38.  The following entrance criteria are prerequisites to test plan EXCEPT:
            a. People Issues
            b. Test Objectives
            c. KT document
            d. Constraints

39.   The concept of defensive code involves _______________.
    a. adding a syntax checker in middle of cod
            b. adding code to a program so that two parts of program must fail before a major
            c. None of the listed options
            d. adding throw() and catch()

40.  Testing that attempts to find the level of processing at which, system can no longer function effectively is called _______B_______.
    a. Spike testing
            b. Stress testing
            c. Performance testing
            d. Load testing

41.  Decision to stop test execution should be based upon ___________________.
    a. successful use of specific test case design methodologies
            b. All of the listed options
            c. a percentage of coverage for each coverage category
            d. rate of error detection falls below a specified threshold

42.  When conducting risk analysis, the following major components are taken into consideration EXCEPT: 
    a. The probability of losing a customer.
            b. The probability that the negative event will occur.
            c. The potential loss or impact associated with the event.
            d. None of the listed options

43.  Which of the following testing demonstrates key functional capabilities by testing a string of units that accomplish a specific function in the application?
    a. Black box testing
            b. Thread testing
            c. Integration testing
            d. Unit testing

44.  Which among the following is a way to leverage a dynamic analyzer during system testing?
    a. All of the listed options
            b. Generate test cases based on black box test techniques
            c. Spend time to do a complete test plan
            d. Determine testing levels

45.  Following lead to improper use of technology EXCEPT:
    a. Early use of new hardware technology
            b. Detailed analysis of the technology
            c. Early use of new software technology
            d. Improper skill

46.  Which of the following factor assures that data is processed in accordance with the intents of management for processing of transactions?   
    a. Authorization
            b. Maintainability
            c. Access Control
            d. Service Levels

47.  When a defect is fixed in production rather than in requirement, how many times can this be expensive? 
            a. 1000 times
            b. 10 times
            c. 1 times
            d. 100 times

48.  Test efficiency is always directly proportional to ______________.
    a. Functional Coverage
            b. Product Cost
            c. Product Delivery  (maybe)
            d. Product Reliability

49.  Which one of the following is NOT the part of the test process improvement model?
    a. Derive new processes
            b. Conduct Assessment
            c. Initiate process improvement
            d. Analyze assessment output

50.  Which among the following is NOT a characteristic of good test case?
    a.. A good test case should be repeatable but not traceable to the requirements
            b. It is not traceable to the requirements
            c. Clear to execute
            d. It should be repeatable

51.  Due to a change in design, the requirements for an already coded critical software component got modified in its entirety. The developer had to modify the code based on the new requirements. Testing team is to choose the appropriate type of regression test to minimize the impact to the project schedule. Which type of regression test would you choose?
    a. Regional Regression Test
            b. Full Regression Test
            c. Unit Regression Test
            d. System Testing

52.  To log ‘incidents’ which of the following is used?
    a. User Report
            b. Defect tracking system
            c. Test log
            d. Test script

53.  Which among the following is the correct order in which Defect Resolution process should follow?   
    a. Schedule fix, Prioritize fix, fix defect, Report resolution
            b. Prioritize fix, fix defect, Report Resolution, Schedule fix
            c. Prioritize fix, Schedule fix, fix defect, Report resolution

54.   ______________________ is used to record data as it is gathered.
    a. Check sheet
            b. Certification
            c. All of the listed options
            d. Checkpoint

55. A change has been done to the design of an application. Which of the following is required after this change is implemented?
    a. All of the listed options
            b. Design re-verification
            c. Unit retesting
            d. None of the listed options
            e. Subsystem retesting

56. Steps involved in defect discovery are ________, _________ and __________.
    a. Acknowledge, Find, Report
            b. Find, Report, Acknowledge
            c. Find, Acknowledge, Report

57.  When should you stop testing?
    a. When you run out of time
            b. None of the listed options
            c. When quality goals established in the beginning of the projects are met
            d. When all test cases are done

58.  Test technique to simulate system disaster to verify manual procedures are adequate is called __________.
    a. Disaster testing
            b. Volume testing  (Maybe)
            c. Security testing
            d. Stress

59.  Defect is anything that causes customer dissatisfaction and this view is called __________.
    a. usability
            b. ease of use
            c. fit for use

60.  Amount of resources allocated to each test condition is determined by ______________.
    a. Global data coverage
            b. Both global data coverage and ranking
            c. Battle map
            d. Ranking

61.  Walter Shewhart is known for his work on ______D_________.
    a. Run chart
            b. Control chart
            c. Histogram
            d. Scatter Plot Diagrams

62.        Entering alphabetic characters when numeric characters are expected is not an example of test using valid data. State True or False.

63.  What is incremental testing?
    a. Testing a string of units that accomplish a specific function in the application
            b. Testing the interfaces between the unit - tested programs as well as between components
            c. All of the listed options
            d. Testing transaction flow, input validation and functional completeness in incremental order

64.  One of the most commonly identified weaknesses in software testing is ________________.
    a. lack of time
            b. lack of metrics
            c. lack of defects count
            d. lack of skilled resources

65.  Which among the following is the correct sequence to test execution?
    a. Set up test environment, identify test case, review test result, assign test scripts
            b. All of the listed options
            c. Set up test environments, identify test cases and test cycles, assign test scripts, review test results
            d. Identify test cases and test cycles, assign test scripts, set up test environments, review test cases

66.  A set of Boolean conditions such that complete test sets for the conditions uncover the same errors is ___________.
    a. Correctness
            b. Complete test set
            c. Consistent condition set
            d. Consistency

67.   Pareto voting is used in conjunction with _____________.
    a. Cause and effect (Fishbone)
            b. Vital Few
            c. 80-20
            d. Statistical process control

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