CSTE Certification Questions 14

CSTE Certficiation question dumps on Software testing continued.

36. Without preparation of a test plan, at an earlier testing phase, tests may be ________________
  1. Economical                          
  2. uneconomical and ineffective
  3. None of the listed options        
  4. effective

37. Following are the valid defect types EXCEPT
  1. Missing              
  2. Wrong
  3. Extra             
  4. Change Request

38. The test technique to enter errorneous data to determine it cannot affect the integrity of the files is called ______________
  1. Security        
  2. Functional
  3. Error handling                   
  4. File integrity

39. Creating representative processing conditions using test transactions is the concept of _______________
  1. Test plan preparation       
  2. Test data preparation
  3. All the listed options            
  4. Requirements Traceability Matrix

40. _______________ is used to record data as it is gathered
  1. Certification  
  2. Checksheet
  3. Checkpoint    
  4. All the listed options

 41. Test objectives ______________________
  1. Enable the tester and project manager to guage testing progress and success
  2. Guide the development of test cases, procedures and test data
  3. Enhance communication both within and outside of the project team by helping to define the scope of the testing effort.

42. One of the most effective method for estimating expected impact of risk is ______________
  1. Pareto Analysis
  2. None of the listed options
  3. Annual loss expection formula
  4. Risk analysis

43. A Static analysis technique that derives a symbolic expression for each program path is called _______________
  1. Structural testing       
  2. Statistical process control
  3. None of the listed options            
  4. Symbolic execution

44. _______________ in a test phase verifies the application being tested could correctly communicate with interrelated application system
  1. Coupling                      
  2. Functional testing
  3. Unit testing               
  4. Regression testing

45. Which of the following statement is NOT correct?
  1. 90 % of all defects are caused by process problems
  2. Reviews are generally greater than 65% efficient in finding defects
  3. 60% of software defects originate in the requirements phase of the project
  4. Over 50% of the life cycle of software system is spent on requirements

46. Priority of defects should be given to on that caused data corruption, system crash and security violations (T/F). True.  

47. Which among the following is a set of predefined action items used by test for a process to be complete and acceptable?
  1. Formal analysis          
  2. Exit criteria
  3. Force field analysis      
  4. Error guessing

48. When we talk about analysis performed by executing the program code, we are talking about _____________--
  1. Force field analysis     
  2. Dynamic analysis
  3. Formal analysis         
  4. None of the listed options

 49. Following are the key concepts of the process engineering program EXCEPT
  1. Absolute compliance to standard and procedures is required (Process Engineering)
  2. Process is driven by testing projects (Not a Process Engineering)
  3. Program is driven by management policies (Process Engineering)
  4. Management provides an organizations structure for the workers to develop their                                                own standards and procedures. (Process Engineering)

50. How do you track requirements in test case?
  1. Requirement documents                 
  2. Traceability Matrix
  3. Test plan                      
  4. None of the listed options

51. Check for defects in process for the primary aim of correcting or establishing new process. This is
  1. Both QA &QC                        
  2. QC - (Correct Defect)
  3. QA - (Establish process)       
  4. None of the listed options

52. Which of the following are the important elements of the control environment?
  1. Ethical Values   
  2. Integrity Only
  3. Integrity             
  4. Both Integrity & ethical values

53. Testers implement the step-by-step method followed to ensure that standards are met.  This method is called as _____________-
  1. Coaching         
  2. Condition coverage
  3. Completeness      
  4. None of the listed options

54. Which strategies are used to quickly find cause of defects?
  1. Writing code to check the validity of system
  2. Instrumenting code to trap state of system when anamalous condition occur
  3. Analyze reported defects
  4. All of the listed options

55. Expand the term COTS
  1. Commerical Off The Shelf Software
  2. Continuity of the software system
  3. Continuity of the Shell software
  4. Commercial of the system software

56. With thorough testing it is possible to remove defects from a program prior to delivery to customer (T/F).

57. Which one of the following is the correct definition for procedure ?
  1. The measure used to evaluate products and identify nonconformance.  The basis upon which adherence to policies is measured.
  2. Policies provide direction, standards are the rules of measures
  3. managerial desired and intents concerning either process or products
  4. The step-by-step method that ensure that standards are met.

58. _________________ testing verifies all the performance criteria have been achieved when the system is placed into production.
  1. System testing           
  2. Compliance testing
  3. User acceptance testing        
  4. Security testing

59. To log incidents which of the following is used? (Refer: Page no297 from CSTE 2006)
  1. Test log                       
  2. Test script
  3. Defect tracking system       
  4. User report

60 Effectiveness is doing things right and efficiency is doing the right things (T/F).

61. Testing ___________ specified the type of test plan, recommended tools and techniques and type of documentation during testing phase.
  1. Methodology                           
  2. Process
  3. Standards                           
  4. Strategy

62. Following lead to improper use of technology EXCEPT
  1. Improper skill
  2. Detailed analysis of the technology
  3. Early use of new software technology
  4. Early use of new hardware technology

63. ALE Estimation stands for _____________
  1. Annual loss expectation        
  2. Actual loss expectation
  3. Annual loss estimation             
  4. Actual loss estimation

64. Pareto voting is used in conjunction with (Refer Page:345 on CSTE 2006)
  1. Cause and effect(Fishbone)
  2. Vital few
  3. 80-20
  4. Statistical process control

65. Compatibility testing for products involves all the following EXCEPT
  1. Functional and non-functional compatibility
  2. Certified and supported client environments
  3. High and low level sanity testing
  4. Client and Server side compatability

 66. Guidelines to writing the test plans are EXCEPT
  1. Calculate the planning effort       
  2. Finish early
  3. Start early
  4. Spend the time to do a complete test plan

67. Test team should investigate the following characteristics in order to evaluate the                          potential magnitude of the risk EXCEPT
  1. Identify the components for the system
  2. Asses the severity of potential failures
  3. Evaluate contigency plans for this system and activities
  4. Build the test plan

 68. Which of the following is NOT a test factor?
  1. Portability            
  2. Compliance
  3. Continuity of processing
  4. Functionality
  5. None of the listed options

69. The test design details which of the following
  1. Sequence and increments of code delivery
  2. State of the application at the start of testing
  3. Availability of test equipment
  4. The types of test that must be conducted

70. Following are the most effective way of communicating moral guidance EXCEPT
  1. Written code of conduct            
  2. Lead by examples
  3. CMM & ISO Standards         
  4. Verbal communication

71 Which one of the following is not a valid step to collect Benchmark data?
  1. Analysis Phase           
  2. Integration Phase
  3. Construction Phase                 
  4. Planning Phase
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