What are the basic Defect Management Concepts

 What are the basic Defect Management Concepts :

The term "defect" is related to the term "fault" because a "fault" is a defect, which has      not yet been identified.
a)      True
b)      False

Defect Tracking 
a.    is the communication channel between test team and development team
b.    is the communication channel between testing team and the rest of the team
c.    is the communication channel between the testing team and end users
d.    all of the above

The following best describes the defect density :
 a.       ratio of failure reports received per unit of time.
 b.      ratio of discovered errors per size of code.
 c.       number of modifications made per size of code.
 d.      number of failures reported against the code.

What can be done to minimize the reoccurrence of defects
 a.       Defect Prevention plan
 b.      Defect tracking
 c.       Defect Management
 d.      All of the above

Which one of the following need not be part of the bug tracker ?
 a.       Bug identifier
 b.      One line bug description
 c.       Severity of the bug
 d.      None of the above

Which of the following approach needs to be taken if there are a large number of defects being found in the software?
1. Try continuing testing and logging the critical defects.
2. Immediately stop testing the product
3. Inform the lead/Manager providing proper documentation
4. Continue testing in the normal manner

a.      1 and 3
Most common cause of defects is
 a.       Failure to estimate
 b.      Failure to asses risks
 c.       Ambiguous or incomplete requirements
 d.      Weak communication

_____________ is monitoring defects from the time of recording until satisfactory       resolution has been determined.
 a.       Quality Measurement
 b.      Defect Measurement
 c.       Defect Tracking
 d.      None of the above

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