CSTE Certification Questions 9

CSTE Certficiation question dumps on Software testing continued.
314. The tactics, which should be incorporated while giving constructive criticism, are

a)    Do it privately
b)    Have the facts
c)    Be  prepared to help the worker  to  improve  his/her performance
d)    Be specific on expectation
e)    Follow a specific process in giving criticism
f)    A B C & E
g)   all the above

315. The ability  to  apply  beliefs,  standards,  guidelines, policies,  procedures  and  values  to  a  decision  in a specific set of circumstances is known as

a)    Motivation
b)    Recognition
c)   Judgment
d)    Time Management.

316. A service level agreement becomes a contract when the provider of service and customer are not in the same organization.

a)   True
b)    False

317. If the variation due to common causes results in a process operating outside of the customer specifications, the process is called

a)    Incapable
b)   Noncapable
c)    Meaningless
d)    Useless

318. Which of the following is not a description of the charter of quality function?

a)   the person who is nominated by quality department to prepare quality charts
b)    management’s authorization to make quality happen
c)    a job description for the quality function
d)    explicitly explains to all the affected parties the function’s scope and responsibilities.

319. According to SEI of CMU, to move from Maturity level 1 to level 3

a)    it takes atleast 1 year
b)   it takes atleast 3 years
c)    it can be atmost 5 years
d)    it depends on the Assessment process and Auditor

320. A successful Leader should always be open and honest

a)   True
b)    False
c)    It depends
d)    Need not be always

321. Function point analysis requires information on hardware and software for the application system.

a)    True
b)   False

322. ______________ is a visual tool used to determine and understand the forces that drive and restrain a change.

a)    Process Map
b)    Cause and Effect Diagram
c)   Force Field analysis
d)    Matrix

323. Acceptable Quality Level Is To Accept Some Level Of Defects As Normal And Acceptable, As Many Believe That Defect Free Information Technology Products Are Not Practical Or Economical.

a)    False
b)   True

324. Internal control encompasses the plan of organization and all of the methods and measures adopted within a business to:

a)    Safeguard its assets
b)    Promote operational efficiency
c)    Check the accuracy and reliability of accounting data
d)    Encourage adherence to prescribed policies
e)   All of the above
f)    None of the above

325. To reduce risk associated with introducing changes to an application, ________ testing should be conducted during all stages of testing after a functional improvement or repair has been made.

a)    Unit
b)    System
c)   Regression
d)    Thread

326. Which of the following task is not performed by V&V management

a)    Create the software V&V plan
b)    Conduct Management Review of V & V
c)    Support Management and Technical Reviews
d)    Interface with Organizational and Supporting Processes

e)   Conduct In-process reviews

327. Project team feels that an extra feature or a function is needed in the system but not included in the specifications. From quality point of view, this is considered --------------------------------.

  1. a correction
  2. a failure
  3. a change
  4. an enhancement
  5. a defect

328. Our products must be corrected so that they will eventually meet our customers' true quality needs.


327. We can produce products at our convenience and at any cost


328. Those responsible for quality must include –

           1. Cost consideration
           2. Delivery at required time
           3. At required quality
           4. 1 & 2
           5. 2 & 3
           6. All the above

329. Management   must   create   an    _______________    a
         _______________for quality to happen.

         1. Environment , enthusiasm
         2. Principles, reward
         3. Empowerment, rewards

 330. Management must make quality  number  one  and  then
         reward quality work.


331. Monetary and non monetary rewards can be considered by management to make people enjoy what they are doing.


332. Product inspections  and  testing  can  be  eliminated by building processes  to eliminate root causes of def and producing defect free products. T/F

333. The following comprise the processes - Which is correct

         1.Policies, standards, procedures
         2.standards, procedures, policies
         3.Procedures, policies, standards
         4.Policies, procedures, standards

334. Quality is not an attribute of product.  F
335. Quality can be controlled only if it is measured.    T

336. Judgment is an audit function   T
337. Non conformance must be detected as early as  possible - T/F

 338 The concept that  is  an  integral  part  of  information technology function is –

        1. Meeting the requirements
        2. Producing a quality product
        3. Customer's view  of  quality  is  the  correct  view quality.

339. The  topics  of  standards  and  nonconformance  should be discussed in every meeting to improve quality.     T/F

340. Everyone should be involved in  quality improvement programs.   T/F

341. The responsibility of supervisor –

         1. Teach subordinates how to perform
         2. To evaluate subordinate performance
         3. Assist and support workers until they become proficient
         4. 1 &2
         5. 1 & 3
         6. 2 & 3
         7. 1, 2 and 3

342. It is better to deal with more number of vendors.  F

343. Baselining is quantitatively determining what you want to be            F

344. Analysis is performed before baselining is done.  F

347. Analysis is done to determine which area  is  in  need of improvement.   T

348. Vision provides an umbrella for focusing all the  plans in order to achieve constancy of purpose.     T

 349. Six sigma quality is –

 1. 1.2 Defects per million lines of code
 2. 3.4 Defects per million lines of code
 3. 6.1 Defects per million lines of code

350. The three levels of management are –

         1. Lower, middle and upper
         2. Executive, middle, line

351. Tools  supporting  processes  to  be  ensured  rather than processes supporting tools.

352. Quality control is the responsibility of people who evolves the processes.   F

353. Quality defect is non conformance to standards.       T

354. Verification activity is a tactic analysis.           T

354. Common verification techniques are -
          1.Walkthroughs, checkpoint reviews, inspections
         2.Test plan, test execution

355. Match:
         1. Strategic   -   a. Operational management
         2. Tactical    -   b. Executive management
         3. Operational -   c. Middle management
1-b, 2-c, 3-a

356. Management  must  retain  decision  making  authority to identify and resolve problems.     T

 357. Seven core processes are –

         1.Baseline, analyse, vision and plan
         2.Establish a TQM process
         3.Install and improve processes
         4.Control quality (walkthrough, reviews and inspections
         5.Quality control (validation-test plan/test execution)
         6.Perform quantitative analysis
         7.Perform continuous improvement

358. Plan - Baseline, plan - approach part
         Do - Set  short  term  objectives ,  compare  results, targets, revise approach if required
         Check & act - check results, replan  and recheck
         Results - final results
         Approach is repeatable.

359. Many technical personnel believe that standards inhibit their creativity. (True/False)

360. Achieving quality (defect-free products and services) is easy.  (True/False)

361. The challenge of making quality happen is

     a) a miniscule challenge
     b) a monumental challenge

362.  In Zero defect movement all responsibilities and defects are borne by the workers. (True/False)

363. The word "kick-off" is used in

      a) Zero Defect Movement
      b) Deming's Circle
      c) QAI's Quality Improvement Model

364. Dr. W. Edwards Deming has stated that it takes ____________  years to change a culture from an emphasis on productivity to an emphasis on quality.
      (10 years/20 years/2 to 5 years/none of these)

 365. Quality means meeting requirements. This is ____________view.
              (producer's /customer's )

 366. Quality means fit for use. This is ________________view.
              (producer's /customer's )

367. Which one of the following definitions of quality is more important.

      a)Quality means meeting requirements.
      b)Quality means fit for use.

368. Quality control is a line function.

369. Quality assurance is a staff function.

 370. By what other two names is PDCA process referred to?
 Deming’s wheel,  management cycle.

371. What  does "Going Around the PDCA Circle" connote?
 Continuous improvement

372.  The  no  of principles in Dr. W.  Edwards  Deming's  quality
       principles is ____________. (8/10/12/14/16)


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