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QTPs Enhancements

I hope HP would look at few of these seriously and incorporate them in upcoming version of QTP. In case you can think of other enhancements that can be included in the below list contact us here...

Object Spy Enhancements
1. Object spy to have an option to export all the objects in hierarchy with their properties and methods to a XLS/XML file. And also to have an option to reload this offline. This feature would help for others to analyze a object recognition remotely
2. Object spy to have the ability to
run without QTP. Currently object spy can only be loaded through QTP
3. Object spy to have an option to disable the Auto spy. Currently hovering on any object displays it properties without the need to
click the object. This at time gives poor performance while spying objects
4. Currently Object Spy button gets
disabled when the script is run, one has to launch object repository and then launch Object Spy from there. The Object Spy should enable directly when the script is run
5. Object Spy Automation capability, so other tools can leverage the same and automate the OR creation based on custom rules
6. Object spy to have capability to spy on dynamically created objects. E.g. – The search suggestion box on Google
7. Object Spy to have facility to compare two different objects and show the differences
8. Object Spy to support XPaths for identifying objects

IDE Enhancement
9. Ability to
open multiple scripts at one time
10. Project explorer with capability to create folder and organize resource inside them (library files, ORs, recovery scenarios) in them
11. Improved Intellisense for objects created through DotNetFactory
12. Intellisense for VBScript classes
13. Function folding and code folding in the IDE
14. Transition from Design mode to Run mode causes too many flickers in the IDE UI. This needs to be smooth
15. Ability to view code for Test flow in Expert view. This is currently only possible through Keyword view
16. Design time non-syntax error check for issues like Duplicate variable declaration etc
17. Intellisense of current associated libraries in all Libraries. Currently if Lib1 and Lib2 are associated with a Test. The Lib1 will only show Intellisense for Lib1 and not for Lib2. The Test will show Intellisense for both Lib1 and Lib2. This creates difficulty when Lib2 functions need to be called in Lib1
18. Custom Intellisense for parameters. E.g. if a framework creates GetObject method and that takes in keyword which is loaded from a external excel/XML file then to be able to provide Intellisense with those keyword
19. Script workflow diagram, something similar to keyword view but not at statement level but at function and action in flows
20. Ability to search called Actions in current script and go to the same. Current UI is very unfriendly in case too many actions are called in the script
21. Ability to specify
default run results directory and avoid the dialog for run results location for every run. This gets very annoying when debugging the script
22. Input Parameters tab in Run dialog should remember the history of values used last time. Currently if Test/Component parameters are used and for debugging the same parameters value are updated before start the run, these values are lost next time run is initiated. This causes a lot of value update every time the script needs to be run for debugging
23. Ability to pause recording, currently when recording starts it can only be stopped. Having a feature to pause recording would help a lot

Object Repository Enhancements
24. Ability to create and load OR’s from QTP script itself
25. Ability to load Shared ORs dynamically to all the Actions. Currently RepositoriesCollection.Add methods adds the SOR to the current Action only and not other actions
26. Changes made through SetTOProperty in one Action does not get propagated to Next Action
27. Ability to enumerate all child objects present in the OR for a specified object
28. Ability to specify nickname for Objects. This would help get a

complete object hierarchy through just the nick name
29. Ability to directly record objects into the SOR

Object Repository Manager Enhancements
30. Ability to load and save directly to OR in XML format
31. Ability for multiple users to access the Shared OR at the same time for updating
32. Export/Import of Checkpoints from one SOR to another
33. Merging of SOR’s to an existing SOR. Currently when two SOR are merged, the merged SOR needs to be saved as a different file
34. Ability to update code when conflict resolution renames object during SOR merge. In case object A and B are merged and name A is chosen over B, all scripts using name B needs to be updated manually

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