QTP,scripting,AOM,recovery scenarios,test reporting Enhancements

Scripting Enhancements
. More options for other scripting languages i.e. JScript, VB.NET, C#.NET etc…
. Support for start and finish events in Action and Test. E.g. – Test_Init, Test_Terminate, Action_Init, Action_Terminate. Currently this can be achieved through use of class but it would be easier for people to use if the functionality is built-in
. Ability to execute specified VBScript even before the test execution starts. This script would run outside QTP and would help make changes to QTP settings that cannot be done during run-time. This would help in overcoming limitations like Libraries cannot be associated at run-time
. Ability to execute specified VBScript even after the test execution starts. This script would run outside QTP and would help perform post execution code. This would be helpful in scenarios like sending email with the report
. Ability to create error handler functions which are automatically called when an error occurs
. Performance improvement when using Descriptive programming when compared to Object Repository usage
. Ability to Debug libraries loaded during run-time using Execute, ExecuteGlobal and ExecuteFile
. Ability to unload a library at run-time
. Ability to register generic functions for any object type. Currently RegisterUserFunc can only be used to register the method for a single object type. So if a new Set method is created then multiple RegisterUserFunc statements need to be written. QTP should provided some way to use a pattern or something to apply the same method to multiple object types
. Ability to Unlock a locked system from within the code
. Ability to prevent screen locking during the execution
. Ability to debug error which occurs during terminations of script. Currently any errors that occur during the termination of the script cannot be debugged and launches
. Ability to Enumerate current Action parameters
. Ability to Enumerate current Test Parameters
. Ability to Enumerate current Environment parameters
. Ability to Export environment variables to XML in code
. Ability to save data directly to Design time data table
. Ability to load Excel 2007 files into data table
. Ability to Encrypt the script code
. Ability to password protect the scripts
. Ability to save the list of libraries open and the libraries to automatically open when opening the script
. Ability to save the breakpoints and bookmarks with the script
. Ability to move a script from write mode to read-only mode. Currently Enable editing button only enables read-only to write mode transition in tests/components/libraries and not vice-versa
. Ability to execute in thread. Even one thread would do
. Ability to call Windows API which require structures
. Ability to Load/Unload add-ins at run-time
. Add-in SDK documentation to create new add-ins
. Ability to use a external excel file directly as a DataTable and have access to all the excel objects as well
. Ability to pause/break a script. Similar to Debug.Assert method in VB
. Ability to reconnect to QC automatically when the connect times out to the server
. Built-in support for Web 2.0 and AJAX
. Ability to call one Test from another test
. Auto include of SOR and Associated libraries when calling a external action present in some other script
. Ability to clear session cookies of a browser without closing the browser
. Ability to get the stack trace in the code in case of an error
. Improvement in error messages in case of general error messages
. Ability to get the current function name from inside the function
. Ability to get the time taken by a transaction when using Services.EndTransaction
. Ability to do OCR on images (captcha) and convert them to text
QTP AOM Enhancements
. Ability to open Business process script in QTP
. Ability to open/close library file in UI using AOM
. Ability to create a library file through AOM and add code to the same
. Ability to create, open and modify a BPT Application area through AOM
. Ability to set/delete breakpoints in IDE using AOM
. Ability to change any option at run-time and having the change impacted instantly
. Ability to convert a BPT component to a normal test using AOM and through UI as well
Recovery Scenarios Enhancements
. Recovery scenarios (RS) to run in a separate thread. Currently recovery scenarios run in the same thread as QTP. This causes recovery scenarios to be useless in case a Modal dialog blocks QTP
. Option to stop chaining in recovery scenarios. Currently if RS1 and RS2 both match the trigger criteria then both of the scenarios are executed. There is no way to specify that RS2 should not be executed if RS1 is executed
. Currently there is no way to enumerate recovery scenarios present in a File
. Recovery scenarios don’t work when they are associated at run-time
. Ability to test the RS trigger from the UI. This would help debug in debugging the issues when recovery scenario does not get fired
Test Reporting Enhancements 
. Ability to create reports in different format. Excel, Word, HTML etc…
. Reporting of errors or failure in different categories and priority. E.g. – Reporting a error with severity, priority and category (Application, Script, Validation, Checkpoint)
. Exact location of the error in the script. This should include the line of code, error number, error statement
. Direct ability to send report to a specified list of email addresses when the test end
. Currently the reports can only be viewed through QTP reporter viewer and cannot be viewed on machines without this tool. Report should be made completely Web compatible so that I can be viewed in any browser in the same way it is displayed in report viewer
. Ability to view status of current Action. Currently Reporter.RunStatus only provides the status of whole test and not for current action
. Ability to enumerate the current status from within a Test i.e. Actions executed with details, checkpoints executed with details, recovery scenarios executed with details
. Hosting web server to capture and display script status in batch
. Ability to report to a existing result file
. Ability to override the Action Name in reports
.  Ability to specify the time zone to be used in reports
 . Ability to specify the results path during the run

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