QTP LoadAndRunAction method

The LoadAndRunAction method allows calling any Action for Local system or Quality center at run-time.

LoadAndRunAction(TestPath, ActionName, [Iteration], [Parameters])
'Get the Test type
TestType = DataTable.Value("TestType",dtGlobalSheet)

'Load and call the Action
LoadAndRunAction "C:\Framework\Tests\Actions", TestType
This is a great addition to QTP 10 as it would allow building frameworks which can call any action at run-time. This was one huge disadvantage of Actions which led many framework designers to opt for Functions over Actions.
Many times people tend to ask what Limitations does QTP has. Now it is very difficult for one to list out clear limitations of a tool but it is far more easier for one to point the enhancements required. With now over 5 years of experience from QTP 8 to QTP 10, I thought of highlighting all the enhancements that I could think of. Though when i started this article the aim was to highlight 101 enhancements but finally though of sharing the list of 50 enhancements first and then later update the list to 101.

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