TFS - Things as tester one should avoid

Are you a Software Tester ?
Do you use the TFS for artifacts tracking ?
Do you have the habit of using Excel to upload the artfacts into TFS ?

Download a query based content in the excel sheet such as Test Case document.
Also download the test steps.
Now from within excel sheet that has been downloaded modify some of the test steps as needed.
Start publishing the content into the TFS.
A huge mess occurs !!!
Did you realize what was that ?
It was a very simple thing that you just messed around with, All your test steps of a single test case becomes part of a single test case.
Now what are the predicaments associates with this shit activity that the TFS did on publish from excel is you will not be able to see all your test steps as separate entities in the MTM, all will be coming up as one step .
Is not that a wierd thing to happen !

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