Facing issues in configuration wizard for SharePoint web farm creation

What are the typical scenarios that one face when they are in the mid of creating a new web farm ?
  • The database server is not accessible.
What is the reason for this?
It can be a hell lot of things but to start with I would suggest you to start with the database server accessibility from your app server that is the SharePoint server using the ping operation.
  • Just open the command prompt and type ping command and provide the server name - of course the database server name.
  • Now see if the reply comes up or there is a time out.
  • In case there is a time out, you have something to fix up here before proceeding to the next step.
  • Log on to the database server and check for the network share option.
  • If the network discovery is turned off, just enable it from the radio button option.
  • This will enable the ping issue to be resolved.
  • Now go back to the SharePoint server and fire ping command on the database server from there.
  • Most probably the reply will now start coming successfully.
SO you have fixed this problem.
  • Now another issue that comes up very often is that the User Profile Synchronization is not getting started.
What is the reason for this?
User Profile synchronization is something related to access privileges.
  • Just open the SharePoint Central Admin in the deployed machine.
  • Open Security tab from Left Navigation
  • Open General security link.
  • Go To configure Managed Accounts.
  • Verify the presence of the relevant user accounts under this section namely Sql,Farm, Services, Content, UPS.
  • Once again go back to the Security and under General Security open the Configure Service Accounts link.
  • Verify the correct mapping of the managed account with the relevant services on the farm.
  • Most probably the User Profile Synchronization will start working.
  • However if you still keep facing the issue, what will you do ?
  • I have another step to take in such cases.
  • I go the Windows folder in c drive and navigate to the hidden folder Program data.
  • Under that folder navigate to this path -Microsoft - SharePoint - Config
  • Keep a back up of the folder contents.
  • Now find the file named cache , open it and set the content to 1.
  • Try restarting the User Profile Synchronization service.
  • Most probably service would start running.
SO you have fixed this problem.

Another scenario we may come across is related to Search results not coming up
What is this all about ?
Is it something related to the meta data associated with the users, or is it something related to the documents , or may even touch base upon the roles and responsibilities associated with people in general.
Whatever it be something sounds pretty neat and that is the Metadata properties .
Metadata properties are data about data, such as the designation, phone number, email etc of a person.
When we are talking of person what strikes at the back of your mind ?
User profile properties , yes that is what strikes us, and how to do we manage them. In simple word , its the same way as are all other data handled, the lists.
How do we synchronize the user profile properties ?
Some synchronization services indeed , see how simple and logical it is organized.

So maintain correct mapping and run the synchronization service and your results start getting fetched.

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