What Are Basic Test Management Concepts 2

Continued from Basic Test Management Concepts

What if the application has functionality that wasn't in the requirements?
  a.       Ignore testing that functionality
  b.       Continue to test the functionality and report the results
  c.       Update the Project Manager with the details and the risk involved
  d.      None of the above

What if the project isn't big enough to justify extensive testing?
a.      Use risk based analysis to find out which areas need to be tested
b.      Use automation tool for testing
c.       a and b
d.      None of the above

What qualities must an individual possess to test effectively a software application (Test Management)
            a.       Good Communication Skill
            b.      Good Error Guessing
            c.       Good Analytical Skill
            d.      All of the above

Defects are least costly as what stage of Development cycle.
           a.       Analysis & Design
           b.      Construction
           c.       Requirements
           d.      Implementation

This testing is a mechanism that simulates problems in the original        environment so that an alternative-processing environment can be tested.
            a.      Disaster testing
            b.      Functional testing
            c.       Regression testing
            d.      Compliance Testing

Status Reports in Test Director can be generated using ------------
            a.    Document Viewer
            b.  Document Generator
            c.       Document Tracker
            d.    None of the Above

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