Multiple Iteration Data Driven Code Ui Testing

 How  to Data driving a Test project in Visual Studio Using Coded Ui Testing for multiple Couded Ui Class files for varying iterations:

For long this has been a debatable issue as to how we can unleash the data driving functionality in the Automation Testing that needs to be done in the Visual Studio tool using its Test project feature. We utilize the Coded Ui Test approach for functional automation testing to achieve the same. With initial hiccups always going to ramp down the confidence one can repose in a tool, I am sure that with experience and devoted mindset the same can be overcome and the great quality this tool has in it can be leveraged with slight knowledge of the usage of the hierarchy available therein.
We already have gone through the tool basics on how it does object recognition and how it undergoes the test effort automatically , but when it comes to take the data drving approach we might just encounter some hiccups as has been outlined by some of my colleagues in the IT industry with tons of mail shooting into my inbox on their inability to do the data driving for the test projects. The error they complain or more clinically speaking the shortcoming the tool has in it is that when we need to data drive the test file wherein separate Coded ui Class file has separate number of iterations to be undergone, the Coded Ui Test approach does not meet the expectation of the automation gurus in the IT sector !

How good that holds is for all of us to take a call on but as a matter of fact the approach that we try to adopt in data driving our test files need to be addressed first and that might just provide a necessary resolution of the problems that we encounter.

As has been provided at the  below link [ Mahe's mail ] the issue is simple . The Test project created by the user has in it three Coded Ui Test files  addressing three different business scenarios, and the business requirement that needs to be addressed is that the three different coded ui Test files need to iterate different number of times. The below description is definitely going to clear the cloud on this.
Three business scenarios are as under :
1.       One being the Login Scenario
2.       Second being the business requiremenmt such as doing some search event/transaction.
3.       Third being the Log Out Scenario.
The traditional approach we have been following is have a single data file with all data in it. The same can be adopted with this set of scenarios as well, but it definitely will involve some degree of coding and technical skills which we can avoid by transforming our approach to test the same.

Have one data sheet file in csv format for the Login Scenario.
Have one data sheet file in csv format for the search event.
Third scenario is definitely not dependent on data set up.

But one general issue that would be pondered upon is how to run all the three in unison .
This has a solution in the following approach . Just add an ordered test file by using the following link.
And then call them in the order the business requirement is. First Login Coded ui test file, then Search Coded uI test file and then finally log out Coded Ui test file.

The business runs smooth and also the effort and expertise you need to implement the same is very less .
That indeed is quite a good degree of ROI.

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