Manual Testing Interview Questions 2

Manual Testing interview questions continued from the 

Application developed should fit user’s business process. The components of fit are
a. Data
b. People
c. Structure
d. All of the above

Which is not the responsibility of customer/ user of the software
a. Plan how and by whom each acceptance activity will be performed
b. Prepare the acceptance plan
c. Prepare resource plan
d. Plan resources for providing information on which to base acceptance decisions

In preparation for developing the acceptance criteria, the user should
a. Know the defects in the application
b. Acquire the basic knowledge of the application for which the system is intended
c. Understand the risks and benefits of the development methodology that is to be used in correcting the software system
d. Know new enhancement and basic understanding of how the application is implemented in users organization

QC is
a)      Phase building activity                                   
b)      Intermediate activity
c)      End of Phase activity
d)     Design activity

The ______________ is an application of process management and quality improvement concepts to software development and maintenance.
a.       Malcolm Baldridge
b.      ISO 9000
c.       SEI/CMM
d.      QS14000

Which is a true prevention mechanism
  1. verifying that the executable contains a defect
  2. detecting that the executable contains a defect
  3. Validating that the specified requirements are right, complete, achievable, reasonable, testable
  4. Verifying that the specified requirements are right, complete, achievable, reasonable, testable
Objective of review meeting is
  1. to identify problems with design
  2. to solve the problems with design
  3. both a and b
  4. none of the above.

What are the Performance Testing Concepts ?

Load Testing Tools
  1. reduces the time spent by the testers
  2. reduces the resources spent (hardware)
  3. mostly used in web testing
  4. all  of the above
Identify which one is a load condition
  1. Lost messages
  2. Task starts before its prerequisites are met.
  3. Lost or out of sync messages
  4. Early end of string
State which of the one is false
a.    In performance  testing, usage of tool is a must
b.    In database testing, database knowledge is a must.
c.    In Functional Testing, knowledge of business logic is a must
d.    none of the above.

Load testing emphasizes on performance under load while stress testing emphasizes on
a.      Breaking load
b.      Performance under stress
c.       Performance under load
d.      There is no such difference, both are same

Which of the following is not a form of performance testing?
a.       Spike testing
b.      Volume testing
c.       Transaction testing
d.      Endurance testing

Which of the following is not a client side statistics in load testing
a.       Hits per second
b.      Throughput
c.       Cache hit ratio
d.      Transaction per second

Feasibility study is more important before load testing
a.      Web Applications
b.      Client-server applications
c.       Mainframe applications
d.   Citrix applications

Basic Automation Concept :

Tools usage
  1. very helpful in regression testing
  2. saves time
  3. helpful in simulating Users
  4. all of the above.
The following five tasks are needed to develop, use and maintain Test scripts.
1)      Unit scripting
2)      Pseudoconcurrency scripting
3)      Integration scripting
4)      Regression Scripting
5)      Stress/Performance Scripting.

What is the scenario in which automation testing can be done:  
1)      Application is stable
2)      Usability testing is to be done
3)      The project is short term
4)      Long term project having numerous releases

What is the common limitation of automated testing?  
    1. They are not useful for performance testing
    2. They cannot be used for requirement validation
    3. It is very difficult for automated scripts to verify a wide range of application responses.
    4. They are not useful when requirements are changing frequently
The extent of automation for a given project is generally guided by  
    1. Scope for automation
    2. Tool support
    3. Business Functionality
    4. Vendor’s skills
What are the main attributes of test automation  
1. Time saving
2. Correctness
3. Less Manpower
4. More reliable

Some of the common problems of test automation are  
    1. Changing requirements
    2. Lack of time
    3. Both a and b
    4. None of the above

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