Setting Action Properties In QTP

Setting General Action Properties:

 You can use the General tab of the Action Properties dialog box to modify the name of an action, add or edit an action's description, or change the reusability status of the action. 

 To open the Action Properties dialog box, right-click an action in the Test Flow pane and select Action Properties, or select Edit > Action > Action Properties

 Note: The name of the action and its path are displayed in the tab. If it was defined with a relative path in QTP, then the path is displayed as .\. If the action is a reusable action or an external action, then Reusable action or External Action is displayed next to the action name. 

The General tab includes the following options:
The name of the action. By default, the action name is the internal name provided by QTP, such as Action 1. This number is incremented by 1 for each new action that is added to the test.
You can rename the action, as needed. The action name must be unique (within the test), cannot begin or end with a space, cannot exceed 1023 characters, and cannot contain the following characters:   \ / : * ? " < > | % ' ! { }
The folder or Quality Center path where the action is stored.
You can insert comments about the action. An action description helps you and other testers know what a specific action does without reviewing all the steps in the action. The description is also displayed in the description area of the Select Action dialog box. This enables you and other testers to determine which action you want to call or copy from another test without having to open it.

Note: You can also add a description when inserting a call to a new action.
Reusable action
Indicates whether the action is a reusable action. By default, this check box is selected. A reusable action can be called multiple times within a test and can be called from other tests. Non-reusable actions can be copied and inserted as independent actions, but cannot be inserted as calls to the original action.
When you change this setting, the action icon changes to a non-reusable action icon or reusable action icon as appropriate. If the steps of the action were expanded, they collapse after changing a non-reusable action to a reusable action. You can view the steps of the reusable action by selecting the action name in the Test Flow pane.

·  If the action is called more than once within the test flow or if the action is called by a reusable action, the Reusable action option is read-only. If you want to make the action non-reusable, remove the additional calls to the action from the test. 

·  You cannot expand reusable actions from the test flow view. You can view details of a reusable action by double-clicking the action in the Keyword View, or selecting the action from the Action List. For more information on the test flow and action views, see Using the Action Toolbar in the Keyword View.

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