Action Properties In QTP

What are Action properties in QTP?

The Action Properties dialog box enables you to define options for the stored action. These settings apply each time the action is called. You can modify an action name, add or modify an action description, and set an action as reusable or non-reusable. For an external action, you can set the Data Table definitions.
The Action Properties dialog box also enables you to define input and output parameters to be used by the action, and specify the object repositories that are associated with the action. For more information, see Associating Object Repositories with Actions.

Note: The following sections describe how to define action properties using the Action Properties dialog box. You can also define actions and action parameters in the Expert View.

You can open the Action Properties dialog box while working with your test by:
  • Right-clicking an action node in the Test Flow pane and selecting Action Properties.
  • Choosing Edit > Action > Action Properties when an action node is highlighted in the Keyword View or displayed in the Expert View.
  • Right-clicking an action node in the Keyword View and selecting Action Properties.
The Action Properties dialog box always contains the General tab, the Parameters tab, the Associated Repositories tab, and the Used By tab:
Note: In addition to the tabs shown above, the Action Properties dialog box for a called external action also contains an External Action tab, and the other tabs are read-only.

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