SQL Toolbelt

The SQL Toolbelt allows developers and DBAs to gain access to ALL the SQL Server tools we currently produce, including new releases. This means that when you are working with SQL Server databases, you can finally have the most powerful set of tools right there to hand, when you need them.

The way of the database professional

Whether you are a DBA or a developer, you benefit from using tools that help you work better. The SQL Toolbelt is the simplest and most effective way for you to access all the SQL Server tools that you need, to get your job done, the way you want to do it, and fast.

Products included in the SQL Toolbelt:

  • SQL Compare® Pro: compare and synchronize schemas
  • SQL Data Compare™ Pro: compare and synchronize data
  • SQL Packager™: package, upgrade, and install databases
  • SQL Prompt™ Pro: seamless IntelliSense-style code completion and layout
  • SQL Data Generator: automatically populate databases with realistic test data
  • SQL Dependency Tracker: graphical impact analysis
  • SQL Refactor: a host of smart refactorings on the fly
  • SQL Doc: multiple database documentation
  • SQL Backup Pro**: compress, securely encrypt and strengthen backups - fast
  • SQL Response™**: monitors MS SQL Server health and activity, with alerts and diagnostic data
  • SQL Multi Script Unlimited: execute multiple scripts against multiple SQL Servers with a single click
  • SQL Comparison SDK : automate functionality with our APIs
  • SQL Object Level Recovery Native: recover database objects from SQL Server backups.
Writing the complex SQL queries have never ever been so easy as this tool has made it to be. Make joins and triggers act with perfect ease as this tool helps in a great way.

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