Activex Error Codes - 7

The various activex error codes, and the meaning of the various codes is defined as under.

33762 MMSC response: service denied
33763 MMSC response: corrupt message format
33764 MMSC response: sending address unresolved
33765 MMSC response: message not found
33766 MMSC response: network problem
33767 MMSC response: content not accepted
33768 MMSC response: unsupported message
33780 Abort: Protocol error, illegal PDU received
33781 Abort: Session has been disconnected
33782 Abort: Session has been suspended
33783 Abort: Session has been resumed
33784 Abort: The peer is congested and cannot process the SDU
33785 Abort: The session connect failed
33786 Abort: The maximum receive unit size was exceeded
33787 Abort: The maximum number of outstanding requests was exceeded
33788 Abort: Peer request
33789 Abort: Network error occurred
33790 Abort: User request
33800 MM7 Error: Client error
33801 MM7 Error: Operation restricted
33802 MM7 Error: Address error
33803 MM7 Error: Address not found
33804 MM7 Error: Multimedia content refused
33805 MM7 Error: Message ID not found
33806 MM7 Error: Linked ID not found
33807 MM7 Error: Message forumat corrupt
33808 MM7 Error: Application ID not found
33809 MM7 Error: Reply application ID not found
33820 MM7 Error: Server error
33821 MM7 Error: Not possible
33822 MM7 Error: Message Rejected
33823 MM7 Error: Multiple addresses not supported
33824 MM7 Error: Application addressing not supported
33830 MM7 Error: General service error
33831 MM7 Error: Improper identification
33832 MM7 Error: Unsupported version
33833 MM7 Error: Unsupported operation
33834 MM7 Error: Validation error
33835 MM7 Error: Service error
33836 MM7 Error: Service unavailable
33837 MM7 Error: Service denied
33838 MM7 Error: Application Denied
34010 Invalid providerdialstring
34030 Invalid sender address
34031 Invalid recipient address
34033 SMS message is too long. To send multipart SMS messages, set the multipart option
34034 SMS format is not valid, or not supported using this protocol
34040 Invalid SmsMessage object passed to the Send function
34050 Invalid message reference
34130 No recipient address(es) specified
34131 Invalid recipient address used in either To, CC or BCC field
34133 Size of MMS message exceeds the maximum message size
34134 MMS Subject is too long
34135 Invalid MMS message class
34136 Invalid MMS message priority
34137 Invalid attachment or attachment not found
34138 Invalid SMIL file or file not found
34140 No slides defined for this MMS message, message is empty
34141 Invalid MmsMessage object passed to send function
34151 Failed to save MMS file, failed to open file
34152 Failed to save MMS file, invalid or no file name specified
34153 Failed to load MMS file, failed to open file
34154 Failed to load MMS file, file is corrupt or not a MMS file
34160 No more recipients
34161 No more slides
34162 No more content found
34200 Invalid PagerMessage object passed to the Send function
34301 Failed to load picturefile, failed to open file
34302 Failed to load picturefile, invalid format
34303 No picture file loaded or selected
34304 Invalid countrycode specified
34305 Invalid networkcode specified

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