Activex Error Codes - 3

The various activex error codes, and the meaning of the various codes is defined as under.

Errors 22350-22359 (ActiveSocket - DNS)
Error Description

22350 Generic DNS error
22351 Unable to load DNS library
22352 Library not initialized
22353 Unable to resolve DNS host to IP address
22354 Unable to connect to DNS server
22355 No more records available
22356 Sending DNS query failed
22357 No response from DNS server
22359 DNS server was queried successfully, but specified entry was not found

Errors 22400-22449 (ActiveSocket - HTTP)
Error Description

22400 Failed to load WinHTTP library.
22401 Create WinHTTP session failed
22402 Open a session first
22403 Connection already established
22404 Unable to establish a connection to remote web server
22405 Unable to logon to proxy
22406 Unable to send the request to the remote web server
22407 No response received from remote server
22408 Unable to query headers
22409 Unable to query authentication schemes
22410 Unable to establish connection, operation timed out
22411 Establish a connection first
22412 Unable to logon to web site
22413 Unable to read data, query for data size failed
22414 Unable to read data, internal memory allocation failed
22415 Unable to read data, read operation failed
22416 Page not found (HTTP error 404)
22417 Page request refused (HTTP error 403)
22418 Bad Request (HTTP error 400)
22419 Internal Server Error (HTTP error 500)
22420 The requested page has been moved (HTTP error 410)
22421 Not implemented (HTTP error 501)
22422 Service unavailable (HTTP error 503)
22423 Failed to write data, write operation failed
22424 Error message received from proxy server
22425 Timed out waiting for proxy
22426 Failed to import one or more functions from the WINHTTP library
22427 Method not allowed (HTTP error 405)
22449 Generic HTTP failure

Errors 22450-22499 (ActiveSocket - RSH)
Error Description

22451 Timeout occured while executing command
22452 Command execution failed, see stderr for details
22455 Local user name too long
22456 Remote user name too long
22457 Command too long
22460 Permission Denied
22480 Failed to create temporary file
22481 Cannot execute shell-script. Reason: invalid or incomplete parameters
22482 WinSock 2 or higher required
22483 Host or IP address is required
22484 Invalid TCP/IP port
22485 No Username specified
22486 Either a password or a private key file is required for authentication
22487 No Command specified
22490 Unable to establish a connection to remote computer
22491 Authentication Failed
22492 Unhandled exception occurred while executing SSH script
22493 Script timed out
22494 Failed to convert temporary file to string

Errors 22500-22549 (ActiveSocket - FTP)
Error Description

22500 WININET.DLL could not be loaded because DLL was not found
22502 Authentication Failed
22509 File not found
22510 No more files in directory
22511 File does not exist
22512 Directory does not exist
22513 Access denied when trying to access the file
22514 Failed to change directory
22515 Failed to create directory
22516 Failed to delete file
22517 Failed to create file
22518 Failed to rename file or directory
22519 Failed to delete directory, or directory is not empty
22520 The local file cannot be opened or does not exist
22521 Failed to write local file, cannot download file
22523 Failed to download file from FTP server
22525 Failed to upload file to FTP server
22530 Invalid FtpFile object passed to function
22540 Not connected, please connect first

Errors 22600-22699 (ActiveSocket - IPtoCountry)
Error Description

22601 Failed to load IP to Country database
22602 IP address not found in database
22603 Country not found in database

Errors 22700-22799 (ActiveSocket - MIB)
Error Description
22701 Failed to load MIB file (specified mib file not found)
22702 Failed to load MIB file (one or more import modules not found)
22703 Invalid MIB filename specified
22730 Unable to resolve specified OID
22731 Unable to resolve specified MIB entry
22733 Invalid MIB file format

Errors 22800-22849 (ActiveSocket - TFTP)
Error Description

22800 No session establised to remote host
22801 Invalid packet
22802 Failed to send packet, not all bytes of the package were sent
22803 Failed to receive data
22804 Unable to create local file
22805 Failed to write request
22806 TFTP not started
22807 File not opened
22808 File does not exist on remote TFTP host
22809 Failed to copy data
22810 Failed to write to file
22811 Wrong packet number detected during transfer
22812 Failed to open local file
22813 Failed to create read request
22814 Error in packet
22815 Failed to read from file
22816 No ACK received after a few attempts
22817 Error reported by remote host
22820 The remote host does not respond. Probably, there's no TFTP daemon listening on remote host

Errors 23000-23040 (SMS and Pager Toolkit - Address and format checks)
Error Description

23003 Professional license required
23010 Invalid provider dialstring
23030 Invalid sender address
23031 Invalid recipient address
23032 Invalid message
23033 Message is too long. To allow long messages, set the 'multipart' option
23034 Messagetype is not valid using this protocol
23035 Failed to load SmsMessages object
23036 Failed to load PagerMessage object

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