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What are the four attributes to be present in any test problem?

  • Statement, criteria, effect and cause
  • Priority, fix, schedule and report
  • Satement, fix effect and report
  • None of the above

Choose the best match for cyclomatic complexity
a.      The number of decision statements plus one.
b.      A set of Boolean conditions such that complete test sets for the conditions uncover the same errors
c.       The process of analyzing and correcting syntactic logic and other errors identified during testing
d.      None of the above

System Testing team is responsible for
  1. Performing the data validations
  2. Performing the Usability Testing
  3. Performing the Beta Testing
  4. None of the above

Localization Testing 
  1. Testing performed for local functions
  2. Testing across different languages
  3. Testing across different locations
  4. None of the above

Object Oriented Testing 
  1. Same as Top-Down Testing
  2. Same as Bottom – Up Testing
  3. Same as Hybrid Testing
  4. All of the above

Test Script 
  1. written version of test cases.
  2. Code used in manual testing
  3. Always Used when we use tools
  4. A code segment to replace the test case

Manual Testing 
  1. at least performed one time
  2. need to be executed before going for automation
  3. both a and b
  4. neither a or b

Which of the following technique is the most suitable for negative testing  
            a) Boundary value analysis
            b) Internal value analysis
            c) State transition testing
            d) All of the above

How do you test a module for integration? 
a.      Big bang approach
b.      Pareto analysis
c.       Cause and Effect diagram
d.      Scatter diagram

From a testing perspective, what results in the clicking of a button?  
a.      An interface event
b.      A sound
c.       A text item
d.      A bio-metric event
e.       An internal processing event
Testing responsibilities:  
Tester A – Verify that the program is able to display images clearly on all 10 of the monitors in the lab
Tester B - Make sure the program instructions are easy to use Security concerns are important for which type of applications
Tester C – Verify that the calculation module works correctly by using both scripts and ad hoc testing. Which term is used to refer to the testing that is performed by Tester 3 in the above scenario?
a.       Unit testing
b.      Algorithm specific testing
c.       Compatibility testing
d.      Black box testing

Which type of test would you perform to accept a build  
a.       Beta test
b.      Smoke test
c.       Functional test
d.      User acceptance test

Which type of test would you perform to release a product onto production environment  
a.      Sanity test
b.      Smoke test
c.       Functional test
d.      User acceptance test

If the application is complex, but NOT data intensive and is to be tested on one configuration and 2 rounds, the easiest method to test is  
a.      Manual testing
b.      Automation testing
c.       Both
d.      None

System testing include all the following except  
a.       Performance services
b.      Security services
c.       Usability services
d.      Monitoring services
Compatibility testing for products involves all the following except  
a.       Certified and supported client environments
b.      High and low level sanity testing
c.       Client and server side compatibility
d.      Functional and non-functional compatibility

Regression testing mainly helps in 
a.       Retesting fixed defects
b.      Checking for side-effects of fixes
c.       Checking the core gaps
d.      Ensuring high level sanity

Per economics of testing – optimum test is suggested because
a.       Number of defects decrease along with extent of testing
b.      Number of defects increase along with extent of testing
c.       Cost of testing increases with the extent of testing
d.      Cost of testing increases with the number of defects

In a V-model of software testing, UAT plans are prepared during the 
a.      Analysis phase
b.      HLD phase
c.       LLD phase
d.      System Testing phase

What are the key features to be concentrated upon when doing a testing for world wide web sites 
a.       Interaction between html pages
b.      Performance on the client side
c.       Security aspects
d.      All of the above

Test Suit Manager  
a.       A tool that specifies an order of actions that should be performed during a test session
b.      A software package that creates test transactions for testing application systems and programs
c.       A tool that allows testers to organize test scripts by function or other grouping
d.      None of the above

A document describing any event during the testing process that requires investigation
a.       Test log
b.      Test Incident report
c.       Test Cycle
d.      Test Item

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