Why VSTS For Automation Testing

Automation Testing ?
There has been a fast pace growth in the market capitalization of the VSTS tool for various Testing requirements at the various. It Service as well as Product based organisation. It has been not just the ability to market its products well by the Microsoft on this occasion but also the high quality packaged product that has been in the shipping container named as VSTS 2010 i:e Visual Studio 2010.

People for long in the IT industry has been using several stand alone tools for activities related to software development. In the fast paced environment that IT industry projects today, VSTS has definitely been an intelligent product and also the most competitive one.

Looking into the tools abilities we can keep exploring it for long long timelines, but some features that have made it a unique one is the Testing management at a   single platform that has been offered  in its integrated environment that brings all the various teams of Industrial development activities at one place and always in synch.

Primarily a current day Software Development comprises of three teams, namely Requirement Team, Development Team, and the Quality Assurance Team. In the old scenario we had all these three teams in a geographically separated environment as well as there was no tool to keep them in synch. This is the right tool that has been able to bring all of them together and the Dashboard feature provides the complete status automatically with various Project related metrics getting reflected.

Earlier versions of Visual studio had lots of features and we were definitely on the expectation that something had to be incorporated with the Testing features coming up in future releases. This is definitely  a well laid out feature with both the Manual as well as Automation Testing having been uniquely cared for on this occasion, VSTS will be able to bring all the three stakeholder groups on a synchronized platform of TFS with VSTS IDE being the client environment. 

Regarding the cost effectiveness we have just $25 tool in for the complete products requirement management to its development as well as testing on a single platform. We run no more the synch issues of multiple teams due to the TFS availability. We  no more need separate bunch of tools  such as QTP, QC, Excel to manage just the testing requirements. Now its all availed at just throwaway price of $25, and I guess you know what QTP, QC  is charged at. Automation Testing had never been that cheap!

Though we have shortcoming such as Add Ons unavailability but with slowly market getting acclimatized to this new low price tool, we are always going to benefit as business would flourish at the optimized cost now. So happy testing !!!

We can keep talking of the various integrated features but the best process is to explore the tool using its most advanced version The VSTS Ultimate.


  1. please send me Quality Center 11 Crk is u have too

  2. QC crack I donot have buddy. However to crack your QTP till version 10 you can employ below technique :

    For those of you who want to crack cleanly installed 9.5 with l-mqt82.exe:
    You need to create :\Program Files\Common Files\Mercury Interactive\License Manager
    folder on your system drive. Then run the l-mqt82.exe and open generated "lservrc" file in text editor. Copy everything before "QuickTestPro" version "6.0" and manually enter it when QTP asks for the new license key.

    1.create a folder named License manager under (Drive):\Program Files\Common Files\Mercury Interactive\
    2.Paste the l-mqt82
    3.Double click l-mqt82 file
    You see some scripts would be generated and one more file is created in that(License) folder
    4.open that new file with notepad
    5.copy Copy everything before "QuickTestPro" version "6.0"
    6.now open your QTP 9.5 click on install license paste that code over thereclick next,next then click ok.

    It'll surely work,i've just done,

    Hi, the status of the program after running displays that the license is generated successfully, so go to the folder which u created "C:\Program files\Common files\Mercury Interactive\License Manager\" and you will find a txt file there with the license. Open it and copy the license serial and use it in qtp.

    Secondly, if any of you are having trouble with this on Windows Vista, here might be a solution:

    - once you've added the zip folder to the "License Manager" folder and you run the exe file to generate the licence key, you may find that the "lservrc" file does not appear within the same folder. I found that if you click on the "Compatibility Files" button at the top, you will be redirected to where the file is saved (i.e. c:\users\downloads).

    You can then copy this file to the correct location and open with Notepad to get the info you need.

    Hope this helps someone...


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