Approach for Product Testing

How is product testing different from other form of testing?

Product testing means that a particular company is creating a product which it can market or sell later on. For eg. Say a software company builds a Accounting software and decides to sell it in the market, this becomes a Product and then the type of testing you would do would be Product testing.

Say any other company is also creating a software but decides not to sell it, it will be there to help their own business only, then this type of testing wil be known as Project based or simply put it as in-house development testing.

How do you know when the product is tested well enough?

A test team can be confident that a product has been adequately tested because

1) The test team performed all required up-front planning
2) The Test Plan was approved by all relevant stakeholders
3) All requirements have been covered in test cases
4) All test cases have been executed
5) The test results have met our exit criteria

Testing of the product is said to be completed only when following conditions are met:

1) All the test cases in test suite are executed
2) All the results are mapped and documented with exit conditions
3) If any difference exist between actual and expected results then it has been informed to the client and feedback from client based on these issues are documented.
4) Product is subjected to load/stress testing
5) The response time of the product is analyzed & documented and verfied with expected response time.
6) A test plan is framed based on future enhancement of the product ( as a proactive step)

How will you present Test Strategy for Product Testing?

This depends on the industry company and project. Generally my test strategy includes:

1.1 Purpose
1.2 Context
1.3 Target readership
1.4 Source material and references

2.1 System description
2.2 Test objectives
2.3 Scope of testing
2.3.1 Areas to be tested
2.3.2 Areas not to be tested
2.4 Stakeholders
2.5 Stakeholder preconditions

3.1 Overall approach
3.2 Risk Analysis
3.2.1 Test factors
3.2.2 Other factors
3.2.3 Contingencies
3.2.4 Recovery
3.3 Test phases
3.4 Stakeholder/Test phase matrix
3.5 Entrance criteria
3.6 Acceptance criteria
3.7 Exit criteria

4.1 Major deliverables per test phase
4.2 Roles and responsiblities
4.3 Deliverables
4.3.1 Deliverables to test
4.3.2 Deliverables from test
4.3 Progress monitoring and reporting
4.4 Communication
4.5 Product delivery risk analysis
4.6 Assumptions and dependencies



7.1 Configuration management and change control
7.2 Metrics
7.3 Test data

How will you perform Security Testing of the Web Services?

It depends on application you test. In my case we download data from one central database to a local database using webservice.
In central database data is stored as per pariticular service area and it should be visible only to user of that particular service area and while connecting to central database through webservice we provide user name and password.
So we test that when we log in to particular service area we should not be able to see and download data from other service area...
This is what I do
1) Created data in both service area which can be downloaded
2) However login with 1 service area
2) Try to download data
3) Verify that only particular service areas data gets downloaded..

What is the difference between testing a product and testing any web -based application?


Product is a company that develop and releases Hardware Middleware Operating system Languages Tools etc are becomes the product. They develop the products for global clients i.e. there are no specific clients for them. Here the requirements are gathered from market and analyze that with some experts and start to develop the product. After developing the products they try to market it as a solution. Here the end users are more than one. Product development is never ending process and customization is possible.


Project is finding solution to a particular problem to a particular client. It depends on the product. By using the products like Hardware Middleware Operating system Languages and Tools only we will develop a project. Here the requirements are gathered from the client and analyze with that client and start to develop the project. Here the end user is one.

Project--Placing the order before manufacturing process

Product--Placing the order after manufacturing process

Difference between Product and Project

Here is some important difference between project and products are listed.



1 Here the requirements are gathered from market survey.
Here the requirements are gathered from particular client

2 Develop the application for Global clients
Develop the application for particular client

3Products are depends on products
Projects are depends on products

4 End users are more than one
End user is one

5 Never ending process
Once developed it will be finished

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