Test Creation Opening In QTP

How : Creating a New Test

To create a new test, click the New button or select File > New > Test. A new test opens, with a new action selected in the Keyword View. You are ready to start creating your test.

Opening an Existing Test

You can open an existing test to enhance or run it.

To open a test stored in Quality Center, QuickTest must be connected to the Quality Center project. For more information, see Integrating with Quality Center.

If the test you select was last saved in an older version of QuickTest, you may be asked whether to convert the test to the current version or view it in read-only format. For more information, see Considerations for Opening Tests Created in Previous Versions of QuickTest.

To open an existing test:
  1. (Optional) Connect to a Quality Center server and project. For more information, see Connecting to and Disconnecting from Quality Center.
  2. Select File > Open > Test, or click the Open down arrow and select Test. The Open Test dialog box opens.
  3. In the sidebar, select the location of the test, for example, File System or Quality Center Test Plan.
  4. Browse to and select a test. You can select the Open in read-only mode option at the bottom of the dialog box. Click Open. The test opens and the title bar displays the test name.
  5. Note: If the test is stored in a version control-enabled Quality Center project, the Open button contains a down arrow, enabling you to open the test and immediately check it out. For more information, see Checking Assets Out of the Version Control Database.

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