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This is nothing but an experience of around three months with one of the most reliable tools and technologies that Computing world has offered the big IT enterprises for solutions ranging from a desktop to big server applications. The discussion goes with the Microsoft propriety software Visual Studio Team System 2010.

What is new about this tool is not what we are here to bring to light.But on this occasion it is something that will be giving the best of Automation Testing tools a tough time in the rapidly evolving Test Automation industry. A new feature in the section of the Test Projects is the Coded UI Test . It is one of the most marvellous of all the marvelous tools in the automation testing arena the Industry giants have offered ranging from the IBM Rational series to the HP owned Quick Test Pro, through the Open Source Selenium to the not so famous but one of the most robust of all Silk Test based on the four Language feature.

Having worked on all of the tools give me the easy analysis of the pitfalls of each of them. But the degree of ease of doing business with the work products of the Microsoft Tools has been the best to the expectation match that has been awed by all the others.

Rational is definitely a great tool to have expertise on but not a great one to do business on as the degree of technical expertise you need to gain is not viable as an optimal choice in competing markets. Coming to the most famous in open source Selenium - It has been a great one but the Interface immaturity and the troubles in the Open Source has been halting the growth as well as the  Market cap is concerned. QTP has been the mainstay and shall remain as the top notch is this complete list for some more time. Silk is there as well with good capability and robustness but its ability to survive the global competition is not very relied upon.

Where is VSTS going to be then?

I should accept it is still in its growing phase.And will definitely take another couple of years to make any niche market for its relevance as far as the current business is concerned. Still why speak of its awesome stuffs now?  It is a 25$ tool giving you its Ultimate Pack to range your development framework from Project Initiation to Deployment Support.And now even Automation Testing, a big way to bring down cost benefit gap in the IT world.

The Test Project provides the much needed Testing of the Projects developed throughout its growth and development along with a Automated Test Environment to bring down the cost of Regression Run as and when the Product needs an Upgradation to survive its relevance in the market. Hotfix runs needs to analysed for its Post Production defects which might just augur not very viable with the other tools specially when Quality is concerned as the generally preferred one in this context is QTP which is currently at 1500$ per month charge. For competing markets the only  parameter that makes it all a good business is a cost effective optimised business solution which the Coded UI Feature seems to be well capable to offer with a start in the Website Testing arena.

The current Coded UI approach holds its capability in Automating any web based application. The real positive side being its fast script development and the robustness of the Microsoft support which has really grown pretty fast in the last couple of months.The coded Ui eases the recordings with its no hierarchy based recording which has some associated pitfalls at present such as several co-ordinate based object recognition which is expected to be optimised and enhanced in future releases with other several editors which the Coded Ui currently lags and makes things really cumbersome for us the Script developers. The language used here is C# as the preferred one but option for other such as VB is always availed.

Will continue with more inputs on the same with various trials and figure out experiences in this regard.

However there is no denying the fact that with a man effort of one third that is used up with QTP we have been able to attain descent progress on the same.

Will continue on the same...

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