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Vbscript - Remote Execution

VBScript can be written in any text-editing software, even Notepad. Learning the fine art of scripting can be beneficial to your job, especially, if you have to repeat the same processes over and over again. VBScripts can even be set to run in the middle of the night, on several computers, while you are at home sleeping the night away. There are mandatory files needed to run VBScript.


   1.      Log into the computer with administrative rights.

   2.      Create a variable named "strComputer" without the quotes.

   3.      Point the variable to the local computer. By default the strComputer variable uses "." to represent the local computer. The code would be as follows:

      strComputer = "."

      This has to be changed to route the call to a remote computer.
      If the remote computer Is named vipsrvr then the code would read:

      strComputer = "vipsrvr"

      This will allow you to run VBScript on the computer named vipsrvr.

   4.      Run the script.

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