Tips for Improving Active Screen Performance in QTP

Tips for Improving Active Screen Performance In Automation testing using Quick Test Pro(QTP)

You can choose from the following Active Screen options to improve performance:

  • If you are testing Windows-based applications, you can choose to save all Active Screen information in every step, save information only in certain steps, or to disable Active Screen captures entirely. You set this preference in the Active Screen pane of the Options dialog box. The less information saved, the faster your recording times will be. For more information, see Setting Active Screen Options.

  • If you are testing Web-based applications, you can disable screen capture of all steps in the Active Screen. From the Active Screen pane, click Custom Level to open the Custom Active Screen Capture Settings dialog box. Select the Disable Active Screen Capture option. This will improve recording time. For more information on the Active Screen pane of the Options dialog box, see Setting Active Screen Options.

  • If you are testing an application using a QuickTest add-in, see the HP QuickTest Professional Add-ins Guide to determine whether special Active Screen screen capture options exist for that environment.

  • When you save a new test, or when you save a test with a new name using Save As, you can choose not to save the captured Active Screen files with the test, as described in step 2 of the procedure describing how to stop saving Active Screen information. Tests without Active Screen files use significantly less disk space.
Active screen however has its own use when it comes to run the automation scripts in the maintenance mode. It helps to identify where within the script suite the object identification has failed and the object properties need to be updated.
Also when we utilise  some of the other features such as the Output properties data storage , it is in the active screen wherein we can find a better approach.


  1. Hi
    Iam using qtp9.0
    I created one script.while iam running that script it is not running in active screen.
    what i need to do to active application in active screen.can any one help out from this problem.

  2. Just enable the active screen checkbox from the Record and run settings. I hope that will end your problems. generally we should keep active screen enabled as it helps in putting checkpoints on the various test objects as per business requirement.
    Do let me know in case your problem continues.