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VSTS Automation Testing Resources :

How To Start With CodedUi Testing in VSTS2010 :

Known Issues In VSTS Automation :

TestContext - The Heart Of CodedUi Automation Testing :

TestContext In Codedui Testing
Multiple Uitest Files In VSTS Codedui Testing
Uimap.cs File In Codedui Testing In VSTS

How to Do Data Driven Testing Using CodedUi Testing :

Data Parameterization In Coded Ui
Issues In Visual Studio Coded Ui Testing - Data Driven Testing
Multiple Iteration Data Driven Visual Studio Coded Ui Testing

How To Do Code Customization In CodedUi Testing :

Remove Property In Coded ui Testing
Exception Handling In Codedui Testing
Overview On Coded Ui Automation Testing
User Interface Changes Handling In CodedUi Testing
Related Posts On CodedUi Testing
Mouse.click Event In Coded Ui Testing
Write Text Log For CodedUi Testing
How To Add Objects In Uimap.uitest File In Codedui Testing

How To Do Performance Testing Using VSTS :

Performance Testing Using VSTS

Best Practices In Coded Ui Testing :

Modular Approach In CodedUi Testing
How To Creat Flexible CodedUi Test Project
Test Settings In CodedUi Testing Using VSTS

Ordered Test In VSTS

For gaining knowledge on Automation Testing using various tools such as QTP VSTS :
Automation Testing On Share Using QTP VSTS