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VSTS2010 has a sense of intellisense that deserves a lot more than hats off . It has incorporated the Object Repository concept in it by usage of the Params method during the record time. How is the object repository organized is the major point of analysis when we start with understanding of the architecture and rigorous analysis of the same in this very tool. Let us start with the same scenario of the one that we have discussed upon during our last some ten odd posts. Logging into the gmail account. 

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What we had done in this case is recording of the logging into the application. In the course of recording this very scenario, we had started with the add code generation into a function named as LogIntoGmail. So we have an object repository type of thing getting created here so as to keep track of the properties of the object that has been identified during the course of the recording.The function name that has been created is suffixed with params so as to become LogIntoGmailparams, and it is under this very code block that we can find all the property codes that are needed to identify the control id. The same is available under the uimap.designer file . However the best way to navigate to the control description file is to move into the designer file by clicking the method name and pressing f12 key and then searching for the same function name using function name suffixed with params in it.

We can indeed move into lot more depths but the best way to move is just have a screen shot look of what was being discussed till now.

Thus far we have been able to visualize the fact that how we can override these very values from the codeduitest file. This value is being overridden from within the CodedUiTest file's respective method section.

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