Windows & Help Menu Commands In QTP

Window Menu Commands

You can perform the following Window menu commands:




Displays the open documents cascaded.

Tile Horizontally

Displays the open documents one above the other.

Tile Vertically

Displays the open documents side-by-side.

Close All Function Libraries

Closes all open function libraries.

open files section

Lists the documents that are currently open in the QuickTest session.


Opens the Windows dialog box, enabling you to manage your open document windows.

Help Menu Commands

You can perform the following Help menu commands:


Shortcut Key


QuickTest Professional Help


Opens the QuickTest Professional Help.

Printer-Friendly Documentation

Opens a page that provides links to printer-friendly versions of all QuickTest documentation, in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format.

QuickTest Professional Tutorial

Opens the QuickTest Professional tutorial, which teaches you basic QuickTest skills and shows you how to start testing your applications.

What's New

Opens the What's New in QuickTest Professional Help.

Product Feature Movies

Enables you to view movies illustrating various QuickTest features.

Troubleshooting & Knowledge Base

Opens the Troubleshooting area of the HP Software Support Web site, enabling you to select from several self-help troubleshooting options, including a product-specific knowledge base articles. (Requires login.)

HP Software Support

Opens the HP Software Support Web site. This site enables you to browse the HP Support Knowledge Base and add your own articles. You can also post to and search user discussion forums, submit support requests, download patches and updated documentation, and more.

Send Feedback and Win!

Opens the HP QuickTest Professional Send Feedback and Win Web site, where you can answer surveys about QuickTest and become eligible to win prizes in special prize drawings.

Check for Updates

Checks online for any available updates to QuickTest Professional. You can choose which updates you want to download and (optionally) install.

HP QuickTest Professional Software Web Page

Uses your default Web browser to access the HP QuickTest Professional software Web page within the HP corporate Web site. This site provides you with overview information, data sheets, demos and white papers about QuickTest as well as access to other technical resources.

About QuickTest Professional

Displays information about the installed version of QuickTest Professional.

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