UIMap.UiTest File in VSTS CodedUI Testing

This file is a sort of web.config file which manages the configuration settings in the web projects . Herein all the properties of the complete Project are arranged in some XML orientation that has some interesting things to be pondered upon . However  a recent patch file has come into picture namely Feature Pack for codedUI testing, which is a very small 1.66 mb file and by installing the same we can get this very file available  in some UI structure having a extension of the Class view of the Project file in more detailed manner.There is another pane called Property pane wherein we can edit the properties a per the change found in our System Under Test. Going by the xml looks we can find some great usage of fields such as ExecuteActions. There are many more we can discuss at length but yes one scenario I came across was the Error I encountered during the recording, when I tried to add generate code, I got an error as "The line item already exists".

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This is a very genuine error we keep facing if at all we have two xml elements having same name associated with it. The error simply halts any further recording to happen within this very project file.
This is simply because xml is a config file and any bug in it will not let us proceed with any further recordings. So in order to proceed with our recording we will have to open this Uimap.uitest file by double clicking the file and in the section ExecuteActions just delete the duplicate element from it, or better rename it by suffixing _1 in its name. Now we can save this xml file and proceed with our recording. 

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Automation Testing Using Coded Ui Testing In VSTS

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