Tools Menu Commands In QTP

What are Tools Menu Commands

You can perform the following Tools menu commands:

Sl No

Shortcut Key



Opens the Options dialog box, enabling you to modify global testing options.
View Options

Opens the Editor Options dialog box, enabling you to customize how tests and function libraries are displayed in the Expert View and Function Library windows.


Check Syntax


Checks the syntax of the active document.
Object Identification

Opens the Object Identification dialog box, enabling you to specify how QuickTest identifies a particular test object.


Object Spy

Opens the Object Spy dialog box, enabling you to view the native properties and operations of any object in an open application, as well as the test object hierarchy, identification properties, and operations of the test object that QuickTest uses to represent that object.
Web Event Recording Configuration

Opens the Web Event Recording Configuration dialog box, enabling you to specify a recording configuration level. (Relevant for tests only)
Data Driver

Opens the Data Driver dialog box, which displays the default Constants list for the action. (Relevant for tests only)
Change Active Screen

Replaces the previously recorded Active Screen with the selected Active Screen. (Relevant for tests only)
Virtual Objects > New Virtual Object

Opens the Virtual Object Wizard, enabling you to teach QuickTest to recognize an area of your application as a standard test object.
Virtual Objects > Virtual Object Manager

Opens the Virtual object Manager, enabling you to manage all of the virtual object collections defined on your computer.

Opens the Customize dialog box, which enables you to customize toolbars and menus, and create new menus.

Some of the Tools menu commands are also available from the Tools toolbar.

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