Test Building In QTP

Building Your Tests

You can create tests that are as simple or complex as needed. In general, it is best to create tests and actions that check just one or a few simple functions or complete a transaction rather than creating long tests and actions that perform several complex tasks or that perform many tasks.

You may perform the following tasks when creating tests and test steps:

  • Create new tests, if needed. To do so, select File > New > Test.

  • Create the required actions. For more information, see Analyzing Your Application.

  • Insert calls to the relevant actions. For example, if the first task performed in a test logs in to the application, and you already created a Login action, insert a call to that action to include it in your test. For more information, see Inserting Calls to Existing Actions.

  • Associate your object repositories with the relevant actions. This enables you to insert steps that perform operations on those objects. For more information, see Associating Object Repositories with Actions.

  • Associate your function libraries with the relevant tests. This enables you to use your special keywords in any of the associated tests. For more information, see Associating a Function Library with a Test.

  • Optionally associate recovery scenarios with your test. For more information, see Associating Recovery Scenarios with Your Tests or Application Areas.

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