Shipping The Test In QTP

Zipping a Test

QuickTest tests contain a series of configuration, run-time, setup data, and (optionally) Active Screen files. QuickTest saves these files together with the test. You can zip these files to conserve space and make the tests easier to transfer.

To zip a test:
  1. Do one of the following:
    • Select File > Export Test to Zip File to open the Export to Zip File dialog box.
    • Select the Archive test and resource files in a .zip file check box in the Save Test with Resources dialog box (File > Save Test with Resources). For more information, see The Save Test with Resources Dialog Box.
  2. Type a zip file name and path, or accept the default name and path, and click OK. QuickTest zips the test and its associated files.

Unzipping a Test

You can unzip a test when needed.

To unzip a zipped test:
  1. Select File > Import Test from Zip File. The Import from Zip File dialog box opens.
  2. Enter or select the name of the zip file that you want to unzip, choose a target folder into which you want to unzip the files, and click OK. QuickTest unzips the test and its associated files.

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