QTP Configuration As per Needs

Configuring QuickTest According to Your Testing Needs

After you set up the test automation infrastructure, you need to configure QuickTest to use this infrastructure:
  • Define your global testing preferences. You need to specify configuration settings that affect how you create and run tests in general—these settings are not test-specific. For example, you can instruct QuickTest to record a movie of the run session under certain conditions, and to enable other HP products to run QuickTest tests (for example, if you want to run your tests from Quality Center).
  • You can set global testing options using the Options dialog box (Tools > Options) or by inserting statements in the Expert View. For more information, see About Setting Global Testing Options.
  • Determine whether you need to create any recovery scenarios, and create them, if needed. Although not directly associated with the keyword-driven methodology, the automation experts who maintain the object repositories and function libraries also often maintain a set of recovery scenarios that all application testers can associate with their tests. Recovery scenarios instruct QuickTest how to proceed when a step fails. For more information, see Defining and Using Recovery Scenarios.
  • Configure the QuickTest IDE to suit your testing preferences. This enables you to easily access any needed panes, such as the Test Flow pane, the Resources pane, the Available Keywords pane, or the Data Table. For more information, see QuickTest Window Layout.

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