Coded UI Automation Testing Walkthrough : Recording

Coded UI is basically a Functional Test Automation Technique which might just gain a great market share with the Microsoft reputation in terms of its ability to provide the industry with best of the possibilities to be existent with some rigorous marketing initiatives . Testing when incorporated in the AGILE mode of development frameworks have the concept of Automation getting into some sort of Quick & Dirty Method technique that might generate some ROI in small time frame with low risk at stake even though the same scripts might just be a waste for long term accomplishments.

Herein will be introducing some good basics regarding pre - recording care that we should take to keep things more organized and modularized.

1. Option for configuration  management comes up in a pop up window which can be utilized in case some TFS integration has been placed and the Sprint tracking has been done for the Builds and corresponding scripts mapped and recorded as such, however in the current context it can be just cancelled and progressed.

2. There is also a Unit Test file which gets default generated which can be simply deleted to avoid confusions that might just occur due to such unnecessary file's presence.

3. Now you can just Right click the Project name which is the same as was entered during the Project creation window. Add new Item, then select Coded UI Test.

5.A record window comes up , by default selection being the first one which is what we need to progress with as TFS integration is not considered herein, and we can progress by clicking with the OK buttton, and wait for the small pop up at the corner right to come up.

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