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Coded UI Automation Testing Walkthrough : CodedUI Test Builder Recorded Actions

By now we have got some insights into how we can start with Recording the flow within an application under test. Let us now delve into recording a scenario, a relatively simple one which almost all of us do in our day to day life : I guess the scenario is already known to you by now, yes it  is recording the flow of Logging into a Gmail account. I hope all of us agree that to be very simple is this very scenario as even as I explain through my future articles all shall be having a lot of understanding of the flow that needs to be covered herein.

         After having clicked the record button , as already discussed its color changes from red to Pause button white looks. What I have done to open the Internet explorer is Clicked in the Start Menu of the Desktop and cliked on Run button , then entered the site name [] which in our case is none other than IT Industry's God: No Prizes for guesses though yeah its Gmail. You might be guessing why is the red button in the picture even though I had clicked on record: It is because I had Paused the recording, or else the screen shot taking event would also had been recorded.

In the second screenshot as you can see the gmail home page is displayed and I have entered my username and password in the relevant fields. And then am clicking on the SignIn Button which navigates throught ot the gmail home page. Now I have just demonstrated the Use of the Second button from left as to visualize the steps that have been recording to make any layman understand actually what has been happening during the course of the recording.
You can easily figure out from the steps in the CodedUI Test Builder Recorded Actions:
Click the Start Button.
Click Run Button.
Select in combobox
Mouse hover about a co-ordinates which we did to take the mouse to the desired location.
Type email id
Type Password a hidden text field.
Then Finally click the SignIn Button.

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