Class View in CodedUITesting in VSTS2010

Class view is another file having its association with the Project that has been cricket. Class view gives an organized overview of the overall parameters and its arrangement within one cell. It is all available in class view in a tree like structure as is mentioned below. Test view gives us the overall methods that are available within the project. We have a yet another facility within the Test View wherein we can filter the methods that are available within the Complete Solution file. Do remember that the complete project is termed as a solution in VSTS and the view in which we see the complete project with all its files and associated set of references that have been brought to use is termed as Solution Explorer. 

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One more point that we can bring into discussion herein is the Project management via usage of various folders so as to logically arrange them  up into modularized manner. For example we  might be using three modules Module1, Module2, Module3. Now suppose Module1 has some 500 odd Test Scenarios associated with it, Module2 has some 100 Test Scenarios Associated with it and Module3 has some 250 scenarios associated with it. In this case how can we proceed with Managing our 850 odd  Test Scenarios. Also at times we are into a situation wherein we need to run only Suppose Module1 related Test Scenarios or suppose Module1, Module2, Module3 Scenarios having Priority 1 as its Functional importance.
Herein , we can arrange our Scenarios into some folders so that we get into a hierarchially associated Scenarios and get some folder structure as well. Now when we go into our Test View  we can see the drop downs having the options of such folders coming into place so that we can run only those set of scenarios which suits our management needs.


[NB ] However herein what I would suggest is in covering Priority1 test Scenarios do  not miss out on any lower set of priority Scenarios which have its flow associated . Because that way it might just take into account some extra effort. This is a very important reason as to why I personally do not recommend any Priority3 level Test Scenarios.

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