VSTS2010 Nexgen Automation Tool

VSTS 2010 or Visual Studio has in it something a lot more than just what Microsoft has been doing earlier on. Yeah its not just the marketing that has been done on this very product but as well some of the remarkable features that this one contains for the very first time that can give the bets of the automation tetsing tools a tough run . When I say a tough run its not just the quality of the Test Projects that can be developed using this very tool but also the low charges at which the Microsoft has made the tool available.You get the complete VSTS2010 Ultimate edition pack for just a meagre $25 monthly charge. Going by the other tools license charges such as the QTP - A name more than having just a mark in the Automation testing world - $1500 per concurrent license , its a great deal from the microsoft as has always been in terms of marketing its products.

There are some other Quality tools in the market especially the IBM Rational, but then the degree of high quality technical grads that they require will not attract the best of the industry ventures. As a result the two in the race to remain is QTP and the VSTS , Mind you the QTP has had no challengers in the Automation Testing world prior to the launch of VSTS2010 Test Projects enhanced feature set. Also currently there is not much of resource avaialabe on this technology. So it can just be termed as the last honeymoon period in the offing for the HP QTP.

Going by my experince on the VSTS 2010 tool as an Automation testing stuff, it does possess a lot of feature reach control and lot of obejct recognition methodolgies but then the stuff thats going to awe the complete industry is its Greybox level testing capabilities. The tools Webetst feature works at this level and utilises just the POST & GET method of the web application. As a results of it several Client side validation suffers some problems but then it all can be addressed in some way or the other.

I think its high time for me to close my laptop for now .
Will definitely bring in more transaprency on this feature rich and hierarchy independent Test Automation Tool.

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