Agile terminologies

DEFINITION - A sprint, in Scrum software development, is a set period of time during which specific work has to be completed and made ready for review.
Each sprint begins with a planning meeting. During the meeting, the product owner (the person requesting the work) and the software development team agree upon exactly what work will be accomplished during the sprint. The development team has the final say when it comes to determining how much work can realistically be accomplished during the sprint and the product owner has the final say on what criteria needs to be met for the work to be approved and accepted.
The duration of a sprint is determined by the scrum master (group facilitator). To help with scheduling and planning, once the team agrees with the scrum master on how many days a sprint should last, all future sprints should be the same. Traditionally, a sprint lasts 30 days.

Once a sprint begins, the product owner must step back and let the team do their work. During the sprint, the team meets daily to discuss progress and brainstorm solutions to challenges. The project owner may attend these meetings as an observer but is not allowed to participate unless it is to answer questions. (See pigs and chickens). The project owner may not make requests for changes and only the scrum master (team facilitator) has the power to interrupt or stop the sprint.
At the end of the sprint, the team presents its completed work to the project owner and the project owner uses the criteria established at the sprint planning meeting to either accept or reject the work.

DEFINITION - A burn down chart is a visual representation of the amount of work that still needs to be completed before the end of a project. A burn down chart has a Y axis (work) and an X axis (time). Ideally, the chart illustrates a downward trend as the amount of work still left to do over time "burns down" to zero.
A burn down chart provides both project team members and business owners with a common view of how work is proceeding. The term is often used in agile programming.

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