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QTP Recipe is simple

You should learn the following:

QTP uses VBScript language. That's why strong knowledge of VBScript is 'must have'.

w3schools' VBScript tutorial
MS' VBScript Guide.

Software Testing Automation Frameworks
To write good automated tests, you should know how to write them.
There are different approaches and solution. There is not a silver bullet.

Test Automation Frameworks
Choosing a Test Automation Framework
Totally Data-Driven Automated Testing
Seven Steps to Test Automation Success

HP QuickTest Professional Tutorial
This QTP tutorial cames with QTP.
It's quite clean and informative. Its main goal is to show and explain basic concepts of QuickTest Professional. It provides knowledge on:

creating a test
working with Object Repository (OR)
running and analyzing tests
verifying tests
parameterizing, etc

Sources: '\help\QTTutorial.pdf' or '\help\Tutorial.chm' in QTP Install folder.

HP QuickTest Professional User's Guide
As previous tutorial, the present User's Guide come with QTP install too.
This guide is intended for QuickTest Professional users at all levels. It gives a deeper knowledge on:

working with QTP Object Repositoies
designing tests
enhancing tests (checkpoints, parameterizing, etc)
maintaining anf debugging tests
advanced testing features, etc
Sources: '\help\QTUsersGuide.pdf' or '\help\MainUsersGuide.chm' in QTP Install folder.

COM/DCOM Technologies
When working with QTP, you will be closely linked with such Microsoft's applications, as: Excel, Word, Outlook. So, I recommend to get familiar with COM, COM Technologies, and COM objects of:

MS Internet Explorer
MS Excel
MS Outlook

SQL is so important in programming, that I strongly recommend to spend time to learn SQL:

concepts of RDBM
selecting/updating/deleting data
SQL queries optimizations
databases administration


w3schools' SQL tutorial
MS SQL Server - this and this
Oracle DB


XML is an extremely popular and useful format. I'm sure that ?ou will have to deal with data, stored in XML-files.

w3schools' XML tutorial

Since QuickTest Professional works perfectly with web applications, you should be expert in related fields - HTML, HTTP, DHTML, DOM, etc. They will simplify your future QTP script and make them more reliable and maintenable.

w3schools' HTML tutorial
w3schools' DHTML tutorial
A Beginner's Guide to the XML DOM
DOM tutorials

HP QTP Knowledge Base
It contains a lot of practical articles about QuickTest Professional.
You can find there QTP webinars, QTP FAQs, documentations, solutions of your problems or different ways how to improve your QTP automated tests.

HP Self-solve Knowledge Search (requires an access to HP site)

Useful sites
Sure, it's impossible to know all information on QTP.
That's why I recommend to use these two sites to search answers to your QTP questions:


Function getAllChildren3 ( object, type1, var1, type2, var2, type3, var3)

Set classVar = Description.Create()

classVar(type1).Value= var1

classVar(type2).Value= var2

classVar(type3).Value= var3

If type1 = "html tag" Then

classVar(type1).RegularExpression = false

End If

Set frameArray = object.ChildObjects(classVar)

If frameArray.Count-1 < 0 Then

msgbox "No objects found"


For i = 0 to frameArray.Count -1

x = "Object item " & i+1 & " of " & frameArray.Count & vbNewLine

x = x & "html tag = " & frameArray(i).GetRoProperty("html tag") & vbNewLine

x = x & "name = " & frameArray(i).GetRoProperty("name") & vbNewLine

x = x & "html id = " & frameArray(i).GetRoProperty("html id") & vbNewLine

x = x & "url = " & frameArray(i).GetRoProperty("url") & vbNewLine

x = x & "class = "& frameArray(i).GetRoProperty("class") & vbNewLine

x = x & "innertext = " & frameArray(i).GetRoProperty("innertext") & vbNewLine

x = x & "outertext = " & frameArray(i).GetRoProperty("outertext") & vbNewLine

x = x & "text = " & frameArray(i).GetRoProperty("text") & vbNewLine

x = x & "href = " & frameArray(i).GetRoProperty("href") & vbNewLine

x = x & "innerhtml = " & frameArray(i).GetRoProperty("innerthtml") & vbNewLine

x = x & "outerhtml = " & frameArray(i).GetRoProperty("outerhtml") & vbNewLine

x = x & "src = " & frameArray(i).GetRoProperty("src") & vbNewLine

x = x & "file name = " & frameArray(i).GetRoProperty("file name")

msgbox x


End If

classVar(type1).RegularExpression = True

End Function

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