VSTS2010 Versus QTP

VSTS 2010 as commonly known as visual studio  has a lt more of the Testing end stuffs than any of the other previously released versions. But herein the Microsoft Corp has tried to enter the arena of the Automated Testing Software. It has been highly capitalised by the Hp Qtp a tool of marvellous excellence especially in the way it creates its logically related Vbscripted files and the Object Repository, a plus point that has no competitor in the arena as yet.
Google has been investing heavily on the other Tools especially the Free Source world's Selenium.
However the VSTS as a tool in this world needs to mature a lot than its currently existent standard.
Right now it basically depends more on the source files content, and that really sounds pretty odd as it just is  part in the way objects are recognised in the tool.

Vsts can recognise objects on the basis of the object initialised context and the ending context.
Coming to hieracrhy concept in QTP it is pretty simple, but fails in the recognition of controls which are dynamically generated . Also no freamework has really come into occurance as yet in this regard,such as the Hybrid, Keyword testing  and many more in which Data driven is a really successful one.

Also the script maintenance, code modularisation which is awesome in the QTP is virtually cipher herein.
I still go by the QTP.

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