Coded UI Automation Testing Walkthrough : Introduction

In this section we shall be just discussing how to start with Functional automation Testing using the Coded UI Test Feature introduced very recently with the VSTS2010 release.
Prime Concern that are going to be in here are :

1. Open the Visual Studio Team System .
2. Start with creation of a Test Project.
3. Selecting the Project Coding Language.
4. Giving the Project Name.

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  1. Hello Viplav,

    Do you know if it possible to use a Test Controller and Test Agent on the same PC in order to run Coded UI Automated Tests with Visual Studio 2010? I can't get it working and on the helppages of VS2010 the examples only deal with a Test Controller and Test Agent(s) on different PC's.

    Maybe my settings are incorrect, but I can't find the answer...

  2. hello,
    I am sorry but i could not get to what you referred to. If you can give some practical situation that needs to be provided resolution to , I might find myself in a better position to sort out the same. I have done it in a stand alone PC as well as in a TFS configured machine as well

  3. Hello Viplav,

    i have question regarding vsts automation.i wan to know how to automate an application without doing record & play back.can you please write an article for this topic in details.

  4. You can create a custom object repository in the object oriented approach.
    And then assign the filter and search properties to recognise the object and perform an action.

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